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Asamoah Agyemang Hunvilla Appointed Speaker of the KNUST SRC Parliamentary Council.


A level 200 Political Science Student, Master Asamoah Agyemang Hunvilla has been appointed by KNUST SRC President Elect, Master Adu-Baah Charles as the Speaker of the KNUST SRC Parliamentary Council for the 2019/2020 academic year.

He ( Hunvilla) as the youngest Son of his family, he has strived for the best in almost all his endeavours. According to him, his strong sense of ethics and firmness comes from his mum. He could be perculiarized with the famous quote “save the best for the last”.

Hunvilla started his basic education at Joy standard Junior High School where he served as the Discipline Prefect.

He is an Alumni of Kumasi Anglican Senior High School where he served as the organizing secretary of the debaters club and lead the team to win many local and national competitions.

He is objective, diverse and Bi-partisan. He has a soft spot for Law, Politics and International Relations hence motivation his to accept Political Studies as a program of study at KNUST.

Asamoah Agyemang Hunvilla’s Achievments

He is a young Diplomat with 6 years of Experience in Model United Nations, 5 years in Organizational Administration and 3 years in Public Relations.

He currently serves as the Ashanti Regional Speaker at Youth Leadership Parliament, Director of Diplomatic affairs at ExtraMileGH, Co-Founder and CEO of Burden to Save and also a Resolution Project class 11 Fellow (USA).

He is a formal intern at the Kumasi High Court. With a strong conservative background, Hunvilla has managed to accommodate and work in coherence with people opposing his views. His favourite quote “when the power of the powerless evolves, those in authority shall shake and fumble with its repercussion”

He Co-Foundered and help administer ExtraMileGh, a youth organization that trains Young leaders on the Sustainable development Goals and on Voluntary service.

He won the prospective Youth MP at the 2018 Youth Leadership Parliament awards. He was adjudged the Honourable Mention Award at the LTMUN 2018
He has been appointed the Deputy Secretary-General (under Academics) for the upcoming Ghana International Model United Nations conference in January.
So much greatness dwells in the young Hunvilla. He deem fit for this portfolio.

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