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The United Front: Katanga, Conti, Commonwealth and Casford Shows The Way Forward


The United Front: Katanga, Conti, Commonwealth and Casfold Shows The Way Forward

The JCR executives of University hall, Katanga, Unity hall, Conti , Commonwealth hall and Casfold hall have organised a historic meeting to address various causes of clashes on university campuses and have suggested ways of resolving them.

The group hinted the general politicization of the educational system of Ghana has polarised the gains of advance education to the detriment of the nation and citizenry and that has resulted to the numerous problems students face.

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The group said the unhealthy rivalry has over the years weakened its core values and have shattered the dreams of most students who get paralysed or injured whenever there are clashes.

The group is poised to organise recreational activities between the aforementioned rivalry halls as the genesis of promoting a healthy relationship between these halls. A platform would be formed to help ease the communication gap among these halls. The fruition of this platform will further offer the opportunity to attend sister halls programs without fear of being injured or what so ever.

Capacity building programs will not be left out, this will be organised to help equip members with the necessary skills to champion the cause of this united front.

The group describe the move of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology School authorities to convert the two rivalry halls; University Hall, Katanga and Unity Hall, Conti under a beguiling intents of promoting female education as a political move.

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They describe the move as a tactical approach to facilitates managements doctorial regimes across universities since the SRC, NUGS and USAG have failed as students mouthpiece. As was attempted in UCC and UG, the current happenings in KNUST if not overruled will make their ward orphans in KNUST because when the going gets tough, it is these halls that lead the emancipation call.- they stressed.

The beauty of KNUST which is the only university currently with two male halls is about fading. The male halls have been the only source of activism for student organization which includes NUGs and SRCs.

These student associations were formed to champion students course but in reality they have been very bureaucratic in dealing with students’ issues for their own political gains, even though its purpose is not for political gains but students’ welfare. As a wake-up call, we are calling on NUGs, SRCs as well as USAG to revisit their core objectives by serving students interest, the conversion of Katanga and Unity halls is no different.- they emphasized

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