Home Campus News Tescon UEW-M Lauds MOE And Government For Fees Reduction

Tescon UEW-M Lauds MOE And Government For Fees Reduction


Tescon UEW-M Lauds MOE And Government For Fees Reduction

The executives and the entire members of Tertiary Education Students Confederacy of NPP (TESCON), University of Education, Winneba Mampong Campus write to express our outmost joy and appreciation to the Ministry of Education and the NPP government for their readiness to come to consensus over the matter that caught our attention which we were prompted to find solution to as it is a potential threat to our academic.

The intervention from our government to reduce the school fees for us, clearly shows their readiness to seek the interest of we the students .

This shows that this government have we the students and parents at heart. A government that is ever ready to pay heed to the plight of students and we therefore appreciate the effort made by the NPP government to maintain our fees for the past two years and hence restoring the depleted confidence in the lives of students.

Our position is clear as far as we remain TESCON and would want to state it on record that, we remain committed to NPP and we shall at all times stand on our universal grounds to make sure we pursue the transformational agenda.

Mr. President, we the students will forever be indebted to you and the NPP government.

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