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#NSMQ 2018: St. Peters SHS Crowned Champions After Beating Adisco and West Africa SHS


#NSMQ 2018: St. Peters SHS Crowned Champions After Beating Adisco and West Africa SHS

It was an exciting contest as St. Peters SHS, Adisadel College and West Africa SHS compete for the enviable spot in the 25th edition of National Science and Maths Quiz Contest today.

Contestants from West Africa SHS

Unfortunately West Africa SHS who happened to be the favourite winner of this years contest according to polls comes home with a lot of disappointment. West Africa SHS who from the beginning of the contest has been pulling surprises nearly nailed it as they managed to trash Adisadel’s dream of even securing the second spot.

West Africa SHS from the beginning of the contest has been a threat to the two favourites but was however shown the red card in the last round of the contest by St. Peters SHS.

Contestants from the reigning champions St. Peters SHS

Generally the performance of the three schools today has not been bad as West Africa took the second spot leaving Adisadel College to carry the shame of the day after placing third with 39 points as against 45 points and 44 points for St Peters SHS and West Africa SHS respectively, A tight contest with close margins experienced today.

Contestants from Adisadel College

See Results of the contest below.

End of Round 1;

Adisadel College: 22pts
St. Peter’s SHS: 21pts
West Africa SHS: 17pts
Next is the Speed Race.
#NSMQ2018 #GrandFinale #GCBMoneyZone
End of round 2:

Adisadel College: 25pts
St. Peter’s SHS: 22pts
West Africa SHS: 22pts

Grand Finale…super heated Speed Race. Next is the problem of the Day #NSMQ2018 #GrandFinale #GCBMoneyZone
Scores so far:

Adisadel College: 29pts
St. Peter’s SHS: 26pts
West Africa SHS: 25pts

Still a close contest. Two more rounds to go. Next is Round 4; True/False.
#NSMQ2018 #GrandFinale #GCBMoneyZone
End of Round 4:

West Africa SHS: 41pts
St. Peter’s SHS: 39pts
Adisadel College: 36pts

Such a close contest! The final round of riddles will decide.
End of contest:

St. Peter’s SHS: 45 pts
West Africa SHS: 44pts
Adisadel College: 39pts

For all of your hard work and resilience we say congratulations to you Fenny and Kissi. You have proved yourselves worthy of the #NSMQ2018 title. Well done! #Champions #GCBMoneyZone

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