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Photos: The lady from University of Ghana gave a kiss


Is about the birth of Jesus, causing three wise men from afar to follow a star and Mary screaming loud from the beautiful maternity ward in announcement of her presence into the motherhood status. There is a Messiah in the system. Merry making all around the world and KNUST students donating as reported long ago.[irp posts=”3128″ name=”Photos: How KNUST Students touched lives during Christmas”]

This time, is from a team headed by one of the virtuous lady from University of Ghana.

Saturday, 29 December 2018 will be a memorable day for children and adults in Yiraase as Ella’s Effect Worldwide freezes the environment with good messages and items both in cash and materials, including learning equipments and many more.
Food was what?

And so is of no doubt a member from the team had to lead them sing some Christmas songs to prevent chewing of tongues.

The lady nailed smiles on their lips, she kissed them as the light was fading and there was a romantic grab and fix of hands to award the best dancer.

Lives were touched, hopes restored and smiles created out from cheerful hearts.

The day also saw hugs from individuals in the team who made it to the grounds. Pictures of the event are shared on our website.

We see the energy of young souls fired from the charcoal of studentship donating wholeheartedly in support of a “No Poverty” UN Sustainable Development Goal and mother Ghana’s quest to feed all her children.

Success Africa shares in the vision of these individuals and organisations helping people this festive season. We say, Ayekoo!

God bless our homeland Ghana.

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Story by: Lamer The Poet

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