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I was a Maidservant in Osu Children’s Home Just to Attain SHS Education – Vim Lady


Afia Pokua, popularly known as Vim Lady, is one of the forces to reckon with when it comes to the influential voices on the Ghanaian airwaves in this generation. However, she went through thick and thin to be where she is today.

Narrating her sad and inspiring story of how she came from a very humble home, yet determined to succeed, Afia Pokua revealed that at a point in her life, she had to be a maidservant in pursuit of High school education.

Recounting her early life story during an interview on Hitz FM, the Adom FM presenter, said she brilliantly passed her B.E.C.E and gained admission in Labone Secondary School.

However, Afia, who says she was living in Tema by then, was not admitted in the school as a boarder, therefore, how to be commuting from Tema to Accra to the school every day became a herculean task because her parents weren’t rich too.

Speaking with Andy Andy Dosty, the host of the show, Vim Lady said her uneducated father was desperate for his children to be educated, therefore, after all, attempts to get her an accommodation on the campus failed, he walked into a nearby orphanage to offer her as a maidservant to the caretaker.

“So my father is walking there and he sees Osu Children’s Home … he walks there and says I have a daughter who has gotten admission here but hasn’t gotten boarding so I want her to come live with you like a maidservant. She can cook, she can clean so that she can go to school too and then the woman accepted” pulse.com.gh heard her say.

According to Vim Lady, she lived with this said woman she didn’t even know throughout her entire secondary school time. However, she added that she felt like an orphan who was given away but when she casts her mind back, she understands why her Dad made such a tough decision.

Afia added that she staying in the orphanage’s bungalow was the first time she ever had a room for herself but that came with a lot of work to keep the house clean whilst being a student in Labone.

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