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Stop Rambo style picking of coronavirus patients from home – GMA


Ghana Medical Association (GMA) has expressed its indignation at the ‘Rambo style” in which persons suspected to have contracted coronavirus are picked from their homes.

According to the GMA, this has created stigmatization in their homes and in their communities, insisting it should be changed.

Deputy General Secretary of the GMA, Dr. Titus Beyuo, made the observation in an interview on Onua TV on what should be done to avoid stigmatization among patients of the novel virus.

“Picking people in a Rambo style is increasing the stigmatization. We should pick people discretely instead of storming their homes and vicinities with ambulances to create the impressions that the person has gotten the virus,” he urged.

Dr. Beyuo said “we should not portray it. We can go with a normal car or we can call them to invite them to the hospital because the practice of storming there with ambulance puts fear in the people and the country”.

“The picking and treating of the patients should be changed. They are put in an ambulance and that create the stigmatization,” he explained.

The medical doctor called for an education on the stigmatization since most people have negative conception about the virus.

“We should educate people that it’s a flu which can be treated and be free.”.

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