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Photos: How KNUST Students touched lives during Christmas


The birth of Jesus Christ which is celebrated by many Christians as Christmas, outlines the core concept of merry making and a season of reaching out to not necessarily the needy, but all.

This year as our team toured the streets of Kumasi and its surroundings to shape smiles and review the
impact of “AdwumaPa Budget”, we spotted some students from Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology putting sensuous kisses on the lips of children and adults.

This year has witnessed a strong social engagement of students in perceiving what’s right. And is of no
doubt they were seen contributing to the smiles of people on the streets and market places.

On the wings of the street were Aborah Enoch-C.EO of Dine With The Needy, Peter Bawuah-C.E.O of
Peter Hills Foundation and Yaro Christmas donating at Kumasi-Adum.

Ladies and gentlemen, the populace in that territory were taken aback seeing these young passionate
individuals whom in the garments of students, yet are reaching their little to people.

In attainment of the number one Sustainable Development Goal, “No Poverty”, is of the view that, a collective responsibility can help this SDG to reach threshold. And these students are contributing massively to this goal and the United Nations must have a word of gratitude to them.
Notwithstanding, the government of Ghana.

Success Africa would like to entreat all individuals and organisations, students and staffs to help shape lives and works of people living in the streets. In so doing, our society will less experience a poor credit condition.

To the very team out there, there is a massive reward from above waiting for you.

We hope you share this message to tell all students to come on board as we strip poverty naked.

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