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Photos: University of Ghana’s Jean Nelson Hall gutted by Fire


The Jean Nelson Hall of the University of Ghana is reported to have been gutted by fire. Reports said the incident happened on Tuesday evening at around 8:30pm.

Reports suggested that there were occupants in the particular room that caught fire,and that was room 3024.

The cause of the fire is yet to be ascertained though reports suggested it was due to an overloaded current which caused the light to off initially before the fire outbreak.

According to an eye witness, “there were people in the room and the current got overloaded and when that happens the circuit automatically goes off…so they tried to turn the power on again and it sparked fire from one of the sockets”

Power supply to the hall has been cut to stop the fire from spreading to other rooms of the hall.

The fire has been brought under control with the intervention of some students who fought it with sachet water from the floor’s kitchen.

The fire is reported to have destroyed properties including laptops, fridges and window nets.

There has been no reported cases of casualties as the fire service personnel were there to put the fire to a successful end.

SOURCEEducation Ghana
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