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Technical Schools In Ghana And Their Category 2023


Technical schools in Ghana, like technical schools elsewhere, offer education focused on research and technical training. The students pursuing the courses at technical institutes are moulded for careers based on a practical approach, and this includes on-job training.

The programs offered by these institutes often lead to careers in areas such as computer, electronics, science, business, drafting, Carpentry, medical information technology, and health sciences, and what have you.

Courses in many of the programs are specifically geared towards preparing the students for work, and therefore they mostly do not include academic classes in general education like that of Senior High Schools.

Today, we provide the list of public technical schools in Ghana and their categories. In this article, we provide you with a list of those schools that offer only technical courses (Public Technical Institutions)

Before we get to the list, there are catering schools in Ghana that form part of the vocational institutes in Ghana. You can use the link to view them.

The list shows the name of the school, region, gender, and boarding status of each technical or vocational school in Ghana.

Technical Schools In Ghana And Their Category 2023

The following are the various technical schools in Ghana and their Category available for selection for students who want to read technical programs in Ghana;

Category A Technical Schools In Ghana 2023

The table below shows the list of all the category A technical schools in Ghana;

1AshantiKumasi Tech. Inst.MixedDay/Boarding
2Bono EastNkoranza Tech Inst.MixedDay/Boarding
3CentralCape Coast Tech. Inst.MixedDay/Boarding
4CentralAsuansi Tech. Inst.MixedDay/Boarding
5EasternKoforidua Tech. Inst.MixedDay/Boarding
6EasternAkwatia Tech. Inst.MixedDay/Boarding
7EasternSt. Paul’s Tech. Inst.MixedDay/Boarding
8Gt. AccraAccra Tech. Trg. CentreMixedDay
9Gt. AccraTema Tech. Inst.MixedDay
10Gt. AccraAda Tech. Inst.MixedDay/Boarding
11NorthernDabokpa Voc/Tech. Inst.MixedDay/Boarding
12Upper EastBawku Tech. Inst.MixedDay/Boarding
13Upper EastBolga Tech. Inst.MixedDay/Boarding
14Upper WestWa Tech. Inst.MixedDay/Boarding
15VoltaAnlo Tech. Inst.MixedDay/Boarding
16VoltaKpando Tech. Inst.MixedDay/Boarding
17WesternTakoradi Tech. Inst.MixedDay
18WesternKikam Tech. Inst.MixedDay/Boarding

Category B Technical Schools In Ghana 2023

The table below shows the list of all the category B technical schools in Ghana;

1AshantiKrobea Asante Tec/Voc Inst.MixedDay/Boarding
2BonoDon Bosco Voc./Tech. Inst.MixedDay
3BonoSunyani Methodist Technical Inst.MixedDay/Boarding
4CentralEnyan-Abaasa Technical InstituteMixedDay/Boarding
5EasternAmankwakrom Fisheries Agric. Tech. Inst.MixedDay/Boarding
6EasternSt. Joseph’s Tech. Inst.MixedDay/Boarding
7EasternAbetifi Tech. Inst.MixedDay/Boarding
8Gt. AccraSacred Heart Tech. Inst.MixedDay
9NorthernSt. Joseph’s Tech. Inst.MixedDay/Boarding
10Upper WestSt. Basilides Voc./Tech. Inst.MixedDay/Boarding
11VoltaHave Tech. Inst.MixedDay/Boarding
12VoltaComboni Tech/VocMixedDay/Boarding

Category C Technical Schools In Ghana 2023

The table below shows the list of all the category C technical schools in Ghana;

1AshantiMethodist Technincal  InstituteMixedDay/Boarding
2AshantiSt. Michael Tech/Voc InstMixedDay
3EasternJ.G. Knol Voc. InstitituteMixedDay/Boarding
4EasternSt. Mary’s Voc./Tech. Inst.GirlsDay/Boarding
5Gt. AccraTeshie Tech. InstittuteMixedDay
6Gt. AccraAshiaman Tech/Voc. Inst.MixedDay
7North EastWalewale Tech/ Voc Inst.MixedDay
8NorthernTamale Technical InstituteMixedDay/Boarding
9OtiFr. Dogli Memorial Voc/Tech. Inst.MixedDay/Boarding
10SavanahBuipe Tech/Voc Inst.MixedDay
11Upper EastSt. Bernadettes Tech/Voc.MixedDay/Boarding
12Upper WestSt.John’s Voc. Tech. InstituteMixedDay/Boarding
13VoltaSt. Daniel Comboni Tech/Voc Inst.MixedDay/Boarding
14VoltaC.Y.O. Tech/Voc. Inst.MixedDay/Boarding
15VoltaE.P. Tech/Voc InstMixedDay/Boarding
16VoltaVolta Tech InstMixedDay/Boarding
17VoltaAmedzofe Technical InstituteMixedDay
18AhafoTechnology Solution Center, GoasoMixedDay/Board.
19AhafoFawohoyeden YLSTIMixedDay/Board.
20AhafoGyedu ICCESMixedDay
21AhafoYamfo Vocational Training InstituteMixedDay/board.
22AhafoTechnology Solution Center, BechemMixedDay/board.
23AshantiHemang Buoho Vocational Training InstituteMixedDay/Board.
24AshantiTechnology Solution Center, KonongoMixedDay/Board.
25AshantiAsankare YLSTIMixedDay/Board.
26AshantiInstitute of Business Studies-KumasiMixedDay/Board.
27AshantiNerebehi ICCESMixedDay
28AshantiTwedie ICCESMixedDay
29AshantiBekwai CDVTIMixedDay/Board.
30AshantiTechnology Solution Center, BekwaiMixedDay/Board.
31AshantiAmoafo  Vocational / Technical Institute – BekwaiMixedDay
32AshantiKonkoma ICCESMixedDay
33AshantiTetrefu ICCESMixedDay
34AshantiKwamo CDVTIMixedDay/Boarding
35AshantiBaworo ICCESMixedDay
36AshantiOICG Kumasi CentreMixedDay
37AshantiKumasi VocationalTraining Institute-KumasiMixedDay/ Boarding
38AshantiTechnology Solution Center, MampongMixedDay
39AshantiAmoawi ICCESMixedDay/Boarding
40AshantiKumawuman Inst. Of Skills TrainingMixedDay/Boarding
41AshantiTechnology Solution Center, Sekyere KumawuMixedDay/Boarding
42AshantiAgona CDVTIMixedDay/Boarding
43BonoTechnology Solution Center, Dormaa AhenkroMixedDay/Boarding
44BonoDormaa Vocational Training InstituteMixedDay/ Boarding
45BonoTechnology Solution Center, DroboMixedDay/ Boarding
46BonoOur Lady Fatima Vocational Training InstituteMixedDay/Boarding
47BonoSunyani CDVTIMixedDay/Boarding
48BonoGRATIS Foundation- Bono RegionMixedDay/Boarding
49BonoSocial Welfare Vocational / Rehabilitation Training CentreMixedDay/Boarding
50BonoNsoatre CDVTIMixedDay/Boarding
51BonoBechem CDVTIMixedDay/Boarding
52Bono EastKintampo CDVTIMixedDay/Boarding
53Bono EastTechnology Solution Center, TechimanMixedDay/Boarding
54CentralNational Vocational Training Centre – Agona – SwedruMixedDay/Boarding
55CentralAjumako Afranse YLSTIMixedDay/Boarding
56CentralCareer Training InstituteMixedDay/Boarding
57CentralTechnology Solution Center, Assin EdubiaseMixedDay/Boarding
58CentralAssin Foso Vocational Training InstituteMixedDay/Boarding
59CentralTechnology Solution Center, Awutu SenyaMixedDay/Boarding
60CentralGRATIS Foundation- Central RegionMixedDay/Boarding
61CentralSocial Welfare Girls Vocational Training CentreGirlsDay/Boarding
62CentralWinneba Vocational Training InstituteMixedDay/Boarding
63CentralPanfokrom CDVTIMixedDay/Boarding
64CentralGomoa Adaa Vocational Training InstituteMixedDay/Boarding
65CentralMankoadzi ICCESMixedDay
66CentralKingstech ICCESMixedDay
67CentralTechnology Solution Center, ElminaMixedDay/Boarding
68CentralTechnology Solution Center, MankesimMixedDay/Boarding
69CentralVocational Training and Rehabilitation Institute, BiriwaMixedDay/Boarding
70EasternAkrofufu ICCESMixedDay
71EasternAnum Presbyterian Vocational Training InstituteMixedDay/Boarding
72EasternKibi CDVTIMixedDay/Boarding
73EasternTakrowase YLSTIMixedDay/Boarding
74EasternTechnology Solution Center, DonkorkromMixedDay/Boarding
75EasternAbetifi Vocational Training InstituteMixedDay/Boarding
76EasternKpong CDVTIMixedDay/Boarding
77EasternGRATIS Foundation- Eastern RegionMixedDay/Boarding
78EasternSocial Welfare Vocational Training Centre – KoforiduaMixedDay/Boarding
79EasternAbiriw ICCESMixedDay
80EasternTechnology Solution Center, SuhumMixedDay/Boarding
81EasternSuhum CDVTIMixedDay/Boarding
82EasternSt. Mary’s Vocational Training Institute – EasternMixedDay/Boarding
83EasternTechnology Solution Center, AsamankeseMixedDay/Boarding
84EasternTechnology Solution Center, SomanyaMixedDay/Boarding
85EasternSocial Welfare Vocational Training CentreMixedDay/Boarding
86Greater AccraNew Century Career Training InstituteMixedDay/Boarding
87Greater AccraOICG Accra CentreMixedDay
88Greater AccraPilot Training Institute-KokomlemleMixedDay
89Greater AccraKanda Career Training InstituteMixedDay/Boarding
90Greater AccraGrowth ICCESMixedDay
91Greater AccraNgleshie Amanfro ICCESMixedDay
92Greater AccraMadina CDVTIMixedDay/Boarding
93Greater AccraAfienya  YLSTIMixedDay/Boarding
94Greater AccraPrampram CDVTIMixedDay/Boarding
95Greater AccraSouth Labone Girls Vocational Training Centre – Osu – AccraGirlsDay/Boarding
96Greater AccraAgomeda ICCESMixedDay
97Greater AccraDodowa ICCESMixedDay
98Greater AccraTema Industrial MissionMixedDay/Boarding
99Greater AccraGRATIS Foundation- Gt Accra RegionMixedDay/Boarding
100Greater AccraConstruction Machinery Mechanic Training InstituteMixedDay/Boarding
101North EastNalerigu YLSTIMixedDay/Boarding
102NorthernZugu Dabogni CDVTIMixedDay/Boarding
103NorthernTechnology Solution Center, SaveluguMixedDay/Boarding
104NorthernSt. Mary’s Vocational Training InstituteGirlsDay/Boarding
105NorthernTamale Vocational Training InstituteMixedDay/Boarding
106NorthernGRATIS Foundation- Northern RegionMixedDay/Boarding
107NorthernTamale CDVTIMixedDay/Boarding
108NorthernKofi Annan Vocational Training InstituteMixedDay/Boarding
109OtiKete Krachi CDVTIMixedDay
110OtiSt Theresa’s Vocational Training InstituteMixedDay
111OtiTechnology Solution Center, KrachiMixedDay/Boarding
112SavannahTechnology Solution Center, BoleMixedDay/Boarding
113SavannahTechnology Solution Center, SalagaMixedDay/Boarding
114SavannahTechnology Solution Center, DamangoMixedDay/Boarding
115Upper EastBawku Vocational Training InstituteMixedDay/Boarding
116Upper EastKusanaba Vocational InstituteMixedDay/Boarding
117Upper EastBolga CDVTIMixedDay/Boarding
118Upper EastGRATIS Foundation- Upper East RegionMixedDay/Boarding
119Upper EastBongo CDVTIMixedDay/Boarding
120Upper EastSandema YLSTIMixedDay/Boarding
121Upper EastTechnology Solution Center, GaruMixedDay/Boarding
122Upper EastTechnology Solution Center, NavrongoMixedDay/Boarding
123Upper EastNavrongo CDVTIMixedDay/Boarding
124Upper EastNamalteng Integrated Vocational Training InstituteIMixedDay/Boarding
125Upper WestIssa YLSTIMixedDay/Boarding
126Upper WestTechnology Solution Center, NadowliMixedDay/Boarding
127Upper WestSt Anne’s Vocational Training InstituteGirlsDay/Boarding
128Upper WestSt. Clare’s Vocational Training InstituteMixedDay/Boarding
129Upper WestGRATIS Foundation- Upper West RegionMixedDay/Boarding
130Upper WestWa CDVTIMixedDay/Boarding
131VoltaAvenorpeme YLSTIMixedDay/Boarding
133VoltaTechnology Solution Center, AdidomeMixedDay/Boarding
134VoltaHo CDTVIMixedDay/Boarding
135VoltaGRATIS Foundation- Volta RegionMixedDay/Boarding
136VoltaSocial Welfare Vocational Training CentreMixedDay/Boarding
137VoltaTechnology Solution Center, HohoeMixedDay/Boarding
138VoltaCaring Sisters Vocational Training InstituteMixedDay/Boarding
139VoltaAtorkor Vocational Training InstituteMixedDay/Boarding
140VoltaAdidome Farm InstituteMixedDay
141VoltaToh-Kpalime Vocational Training InstituteMixedDay/Boarding
142WesternTechnology Solution Center, AsankragwaMixedDay/Boarding
143WesternNzema Maale YLSTIMixedDay/Boarding
144WesternTakoradi CDVTIMixedDay/Boarding
145WesternCharlotte Dolphyne Vocational Training InstituteMixedDay/Boarding
146WesternTechnology Solution Center, Half AssiniMixedDay/Boarding
147WesternAxim CDVTIMixedDay/Boarding
148WesternTakoradi Vocational Training InstituteMixedDay/Boarding
Sek-Takoradi Centre
150WesternGRATIS Foundation-Western RegionMixedDay/Boarding
151WesternSocial Welfare Vocational /Rehabilitation Training CentreMixedDay/Boarding
152WesternShama ICCESMixedDay
153WesternManso-Amenfi Vocational Training InstituteMixedDay/Boarding
154WesternTarkwa CDVTIMixedDay/Boarding


Presented above is the list of technical schools in Ghana and their Category.

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