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Full List of Category G Schools In Ghana 2023/2024


Prospective Senior High School students would want to attend the best senior high schools in Ghana and Parents will equally want the best for their wards, hence the search for suitable schools is normally done ahead of the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) each year.

Academic performance at WASSCE, School achievement, Infrastructure, and facilities are among the important ranking factors the Computerized School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) and the Ghana Education Service (GES) used to rank Senior High Schools in Ghana.

Today, we present to you the full list of senior high schools that have defied all odds to register their names as Category G schools in Ghana.

The arrangement of the Category G Schools In Ghana in our publication is in no order like rankings, We are just presenting them as they were written.

This article is meant to serve as a guide to students or parents who will look for category G schools in Ghana Region for their wards.

Before we present the list of Category G Schools in Ghana 2023, you may want to read the Category D Schools in Ghana.

Category G Schools In Ghana 2023

Find below the comprehensive list of category G Schools in Ghana for the 2023/24 academic year.

  1. EMIT Electronics, Mataheko
  2. National Tech. Engineering Coll
  3. M.C.A. Tech. Trg. Centre
  4. Accra Girls Voc. Institute
  5. of Domestic Sci. & Catering
  6. Calvary Meth. Girls Voc. Inst.
  7. Catering & Home Econs.
  8. Social Advance Institute
  9. Kotobabi Tech. Institue
  10. Royal Technical College
  11. Young Women’s Christian Assoc.
  12. Lartebiokoshie Presby Girls Voc.
  13. Evangelical Church of Ghana VTC
  14. Anglican Voc. Tech. School
  15. Institue Kotobabi
  16. Francis Xavier Voc. Inst.
  17. Motesco, Accra
  18. FC Beauty College
  19. Pentecost Vocational Trn Centre
  20. Faith Christian Academy Vocational & Tech. Institute
  21. Opportunities Industrialiazation Centre
  22. Caique Memorial School
  23. Hannah Girls Vocational Institute
  24. 2nd Image Beauty Therapy Academy
  25. British College of Technology and Commerce Ghana Ltd
  26. Barbers Academy
  27. New Century Career Training Institute
  28. Bashtek Training Institute
  29. Prestige Institute Professionals
  30. Automobile Training Institute
  31. Nouvelle Beauty College
  32. Exotic Trendz Beauty School
  33. Cutie Bridal Beauty School
  34. Sacs Professional Institute
  35. Strandz Beauty and Fashion
  36. Hair Planet College of Cosmetology
  37. National Community Dev. Voc. Inst.
  38. Tema Indistrial Mission VTC
  39. Tema Special Catering VTC
  40. SOS Vocational Inst. Tema
  41. Tema Gratis Centre, Tema
  42. Badu M. K. Fashion School
  43. Make up and More School of Cosmetology
  44. De Paragon Beauty Inst.
  45. Super-Plus Beauty Academy
  46. Kpone Technical Inst.
  47. Phasses Beauty Institute
  48. Elohim Industrial Skills Trg. Centre
  49. Imperial College of Art
  50. Abbeam Institute of Technology
  51. Ngleshie Amanfro ICCES
  52. Engineering Academy
  53. La Monada Heaven Beauty College
  54. Yinta Academy for Artisans and Skills Development, Panbros
  55. Community Dev. Voc. Inst.
  56. College of Hospitality and Toursim
  57. Mission Africa Institute of Technology
  58. Naa Suma School of Excellence and Hospitality
  59. Abrantie College of Cosmetology & Creative Arts
  60. Armed Forces Catering Training School
  61. Intouch Beauty College of Cosmetology
  62. Abbi College (Abi Creation)
  63. Apostle Safo school of Arts and sciences
  64. Agomeda ICCES
  65. Liberty Specialist Inst.
  66. Normal Tech. Trg. Centre
  67. Koforidua Gratis Centre
  68. Prince Boateng Memorial Voc.
  69. Shepherd International Academy
  70. Asamankese Women’s Voc. Trg. Sch.
  71. Begoro Presby Women’s Voc.
  72. Somanya Tech. Inistitute
  73. Anne Voc. Institute
  74. Kpong Community Dev. Voc. Tech. Institute,
  75. Suhum Community Dev. Voc. Inst.
  76. Akosombo Technical Vocational School
  77. Kibi Community Dev. Tech. Inst.
  78. AndrewsTech. Institute
  79. Cape Coast Gratis
  80. Mary’s Girls Voc. Institute
  81. Trg. Centre Biriwa
  82. Monica’s Voc. Inst.
  83. Kings Tech. and Voc.
  84. Panfokrom Community Dev. Inst.
  85. Himset ICCES Technical Institute
  86. National Vocational Training Centre
  87. Career Success College
  88. Methodist Voc. Trg. Centre
  89. Gladmond Voc. Institute
  90. Takoradi Gratis Centre
  91. Opportunities Industrialization Centre
  92. National Engineering College
  93. Takoradi Community Dev. Voc. Inst.
  94. Holy Cross Technical Institute
  95. Tarkwa Community Development Institute
  96. Axim Community Dev. Inst.
  97. City Education Complex
  98. Mancells voc, Trg Center
  99. Catholic Tech. Institute, Kumasi
  100. Peter’s Girls Voc. Institute
  101. Opoku Ware Girls Voc.
  102. Ramseyer Voc. Inst., Kumasi
  103. Agona Community Dev. Voc. Inst.
  104. Our lady’s Adult Edu. Centre
  105. Kwamo Comm. Dev.Tech.Ins
  106. Opporturnities Industriliazation centre
  107. Bekwai Comm Dev.Voc. Inst.
  108. Amoafo Technical / Vocational Institute
  109. Kumasi Institute of Tropical Agriculture
  110. Catholic Tech. Institute, Sunyani
  111. Vitus Tech. Institute
  112. Car Mechanic. Trg. Centre
  113. Sunyani Gratis Centre
  114. Sunyani Community Dev. Tech./Voc. Inst.
  115. Bechem Business College
  116. Bechem Community Dev. Voc. Inst.
  117. Rural Technology Facility Training School
  118. Kwasibuokrom Voc. Trg. Centre
  119. OLP Agric. Voc. Tech.
  120. Margaret Buechner Voc. Centre
  121. Nsoatre Community Dev. Voc. & Tech. Inst
  122. Kintampo Community Dev. Voc. Tech.
  123. Rural Technology Facility Training School
  124. Ho Gratis Centre
  125. Volta Tech. Institute
  126. Graduate Institute of Executive Development
  127. Ho Community Dev. Voc. Inst.
  128. Weto Technical Institute
  129. Some Tech./Voc. Institute
  130. Kedzi Voc./ Tech. Training Centre
  131. Caring Sisters Vocational Training Institute
  132. Kete Krachi Community Dev. Tech. Inst.
  133. Dodzi Tech/Voc. Institute
  134. International Needs Voc. Trg. Centre
  135. Botoku ICCES
  136. Boys Voc. Trg. Centre
  137. Tamale Gratis Centre
  138. Tamale Community Dev. Voc. Trg.
  139. Tolon Technical Institute
  140. Savelugu Vocational Institute
  141. Wa Women’s Trg. Centre
  142. Wa Gratis Centre
  143. Wa Community Dev. Voc/Tech. Inst.
  144. Elias Technical Institute
  145. Clares Voc. Inst.
  146. St Augustine SHS Tech
  147. Oscar Morin Vocational Technial Institute
  148. Bolgatanga Gratis Centre
  149. Bolgatanga Community Dev.Voc./Tech. Inst.
  150. Navrongo Community Dev. Voc./ Tech. Inst,
  151. Bongo Community Dev. Voc. Tech. Trg. Inst.
  152. Balungu Technical Institute


Presented above is the full list of Category G Schools in Ghana.

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