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Full List of Category B Schools in Ghana 2024

Category B Senior High Schools in Ghana

Prospective Senior High School students always aspire to attend the best senior high schools in Ghana. Parents, equally invested in their children’s future, begin the search for suitable schools well ahead of the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE) each year.

Understanding the Categories of Senior High Schools in Ghana

Going to a Senior High School in Ghana requires candidates to select their choices from seven categories of schools: Categories A, B, C, D, E, F, and G. These categories include public, private, and technical/vocational schools, providing BECE candidates with comprehensive lists to make informed decisions.

Categories A, B, C, and D are public or government senior high schools, the most preferred choices among many candidates. Category E lists public Technical/Vocational Institutions, while Categories F and G include Private Senior High/Technical Vocational Institutions.

The Ghana Education Service (GES) generates and updates these lists annually, serving as a guide for students, parents, and teachers.

Significance of Category A and B Schools

Category A schools are considered the top senior high schools in Ghana. BECE candidates can only select one Category A school as a choice due to their high demand and prestige. These schools are renowned for their excellent academic performance, impressive facilities, and significant achievements. Each year, some schools climb into Category A, reflecting their improved status and performance.

Ranking Factors for Senior High Schools

The Computerised School Selection and Placement System (CSSPS) and GES use several factors to rank Senior High Schools in Ghana:

  • Academic Performance: Based on WASSCE results.
  • School Achievements: Including extracurricular successes and notable alumni.
  • Infrastructure and Facilities: Quality of classrooms, laboratories, libraries, and other amenities.

Comprehensive List of Category B Schools in Ghana

In this article, we present the list of Category B Senior High Schools/Category B Schools in Ghana along with the regions where they are located, based on the latest update by GES. The arrangement of schools in our publication is in no particular order.

How many B schools are there in Ghana?

There are 227 category B schools in Ghana. Candidates are encouraged to check the full list below;

Category B Schools In Ghana

Below is the comprehensive list of Category B Schools In Ghana;

1AHAFOAhafoman Senior High/Tech
2AHAFOMim Senior High
3AHAFOKukuom Agric Senior High
4AHAFOSankore Senior High
5AHAFOGyamfi Kumanini Senior High/Tech
6AHAFOAcherensua Senior High
7AHAFOHwidiem Senior High
8AHAFOBoakye Tromo Senior High/Tech
9AHAFOYamfo Anglican Senior High School
10AHAFOBomaa Comm. Senior High
11AHAFODerma Comm. Day School
12AHAFOSamuel Otu Presby Senior High.
13AHAFOBechem Presby Senior High
14ASHANTIDompoase Senior High
15ASHANTIFomena T.I. Ahmad Senior High
16ASHANTIAsare Bediako Senior High .
17ASHANTINew Edubiase Senior High
18ASHANTIAkrofuom Senior High/Tech
19ASHANTIOtumfuo Osei Tutu II College
20ASHANTIAduman Senior High
21ASHANTISt. Michael’s Senior High, Ahenkro
22ASHANTIMaabang Senior High/Tech
23ASHANTITepa Senior High
24ASHANTIJacobu Senior High/Tech.
25ASHANTISt. Mary’s Girl’s Senior High, Konongo
26ASHANTIWesley Senior High, Konongo .
27ASHANTIKonongo Odumase Senior High .
28ASHANTICollins Senior High/Commercial, Agogo
29ASHANTIBompata Presby Senior High
30ASHANTIKumasi Academy
31ASHANTISakafia Islamic Senior High
32ASHANTIAfua Kobi Ampem Girls’ Senior High
33ASHANTIMpasatia Senior High/Tech
34ASHANTIOsei Tutu Senior High, Akropong
35ASHANTIToase Senior High
36ASHANTIS.D.A. Senior High, Bekwai
37ASHANTISt. Joseph Senior High/Tech, Ahwiren
38ASHANTIOfoase Kokoben Senior High
39ASHANTIOppong Mem. Senior High
40ASHANTIBeposo Senior High
41ASHANTIJachie Pramso Senior High
42ASHANTIJuaben Senior High
43ASHANTIEjisu Senior High/Tech
44ASHANTISekyedumase Senior High/Tech
45ASHANTIAnglican Senior High, Kumasi
47ASHANTINuru-Ameen Islamic Senior High, Asewase
48ASHANTIAl-Azariya Islamic Snr. High, Kumasi
49ASHANTIAdventist  Senior High, Kumasi
50ASHANTIKumasi Girls Senior High
51ASHANTISerwaah Nyarko Girls’ Snr. High
52ASHANTIArmed Forces Senior High/Tech, Kumasi
53ASHANTIOsei Kyeretwie Senior High
54ASHANTIAsanteman Senior High
55ASHANTISt. Hubert Sem/Senior High, Kumasi
56ASHANTITawheed Senior High.
57ASHANTIKumasi Wesley Girls High Sch
58ASHANTIIslamic Senior High, Ampabame
59ASHANTIKofiase Adventist Senior High/Tech.
60ASHANTISt. Monica’s Senior High, Mampong
61ASHANTIChrist the King Cath., Obuasi
62ASHANTISt. Jerome Senior High, Abofour
63ASHANTIDwamena Akenten Senior High
64ASHANTIGhana Muslim Mission Senior High
65ASHANTINsutaman Cath. Senior High
66ASHANTIT. I. Ahmadiyya Girl’s Senior High, Asokore
67ASHANTITweneboa Kodua Senior High
68ASHANTIBankoman Senior High
69ASHANTIKonadu Yiadom Catholic Senior High
70ASHANTIS.D.A. Senior High, Agona
71ASHANTIAgona Senior High/Tech
72ASHANTIOkomfo Anokye Senior High
73BONOBerekum Senior High
74BONOJinijini Senior High
75BONODormaa Senior High
76BONOSalvation Army Senior High, Aboabo Dormaa
77BONOMansen Senior High Sch.
78BONOWamanafo Senior High/Tech
79BONONkrankwanta Comm Senior High
80BONODiamono Senior High Sch.
81BONONafana Senior High
82BONOSumaman Senior High
83BONOGoka Senior High/Tech.
84BONOSt. Ann’s Girls Senior High, Sampa
85BONODrobo Senior High
86BONOS.D.A Senior High, Sunyani
87BONOTwene Amanfo Senior High/Tech.
88BONOSacred Heart Senior High, Nsoatre
89BONOOdomaseman Senior High
90BONOChiraa Senior High
91BONOMenji Senior High
92BONONsawkaw State Senior High
93BONOBadu Senior High/Tech.
94BONONkoranman Senior High
95BONOIstiquaama Snr. High
96BONOWenchi Meth. Senior High
97BONO EASTAmanten Senior High
98BONO EASTJema Senior High
99BONO EASTOsei Bonsu Senior High
100BONO EASTKwabre Senior High
101BONO EASTNkoranza Senior High/Tech
102BONO EASTPrang Senior High
103BONO EASTYeji Senior High/Tech
104BONO EASTKajaji Senior High
105BONO EASTTechiman Senior High
106BONO EASTOur Lady of Mount Carmel Girls Senior High, Techiman
107BONO EASTYeboah Asuamah Senior High
108BONO EASTGuakro Effah Senior High
109BONO EASTTuobodom Senior High/Tech
110BONO EASTAmeyaw Akumfi Senior High/Tech.
111CENTRALAggrey Mem. A.M.E.Zion Snr. High
112CENTRALSwedru Senior High
113CENTRALNsaba Presby Senior High
114CENTRALSiddiq Senior High Sch.
115CENTRALNyakrom Senior High Tech
116CENTRALBreman Asikuma Senior High
117CENTRALAdankwaman Senior High
118CENTRALAwutu Winton Senior High
119CENTRALGhana National College
120CENTRALAcademy of Christ the King, Cape Coast
121CENTRALUniversity Practice Senior High
122CENTRALWinneba Senior High
123CENTRALEkumfi T. I. Ahmadiiyya Snr. High
124CENTRALApam Senior High
125CENTRALMozano Senior High
126CENTRALEdinaman Senior High
127CENTRALMethodist High School,Saltpond
128CENTRALTwifo Praso Senior High
129CENTRALTwifo Hemang Senior High/Tech
130CENTRALBoa-Amponsem Senior High
131CENTRALDiaso Senior High
132EASTERNMethodist Girls Senior High, Mamfe
133EASTERNBenkum Senior High
134EASTERNNifa Senior High
135EASTERNAdonten Senior High
136EASTERNAkwamuman Senior High
137EASTERNKwabeng Anglican Senior High/Tech
138EASTERNSt. Francis Senior High/Tech, Akim Oda
139EASTERNOda Senior High
140EASTERNAttafuah Senior High/Tech
141EASTERNAchiase Senior High
142EASTERNAbuakwa State College
143EASTERNKibi Senior High/Tech
144EASTERNSaviour Senior High, Osiem
145EASTERNW.B.M. Zion Senior High, Old Tafo
146EASTERNPresby Senior High, Begoro
147EASTERNKade Senior High/Tech.
148EASTERNAbetifi Presby Senior High
149EASTERNNkwatia Presby Senior High/Com
150EASTERNKwahu Tafo Senior High
151EASTERNSt. Dominic’s Senior High/Tech, Pepease
152EASTERNMpraeso Senior High
153EASTERNKwahu Ridge Senior High
154EASTERNNkawkaw Senior High
155EASTERNManya Krobo Senior High
156EASTERNPentecost Senior High,Koforidua
157EASTERNS.D.A Senior High, Koforidua
158EASTERNOyoko Methodist  Senior High
159EASTERNNew Juaben Senior High/Com
160EASTERNOti Boateng Senior High
161EASTERNSt. Martin’s Senior High, Nsawam
162EASTERNIslamic Girls Senior High,Suhum
163EASTERNSuhum Senior High/Tech
164EASTERNAsamankese Senior High
165G. ACCRAAccra Senior High
166G. ACCRASt. Margaret Mary Snr.High/Tech
167G. ACCRAWesley Grammar Senior High
168G. ACCRAAda Senior High
169G. ACCRAOdorgonno Senior High
170G. ACCRASt. John’s Grammar Senior High
171G. ACCRALabone Senior High
172G. ACCRAForces Senior High/Tech, Burma Camp
173G. ACCRAWest Africa Senior High
174G. ACCRANungua Senior High
175G. ACCRANingo Senior High
176G. ACCRAPrampram Senior High
177G. ACCRAGhanata Senior High
178G. ACCRAChemu Senior High/Tech
179G. ACCRAOur Lady of Mercy Senior High
180NORTHERNTamale Girls Senior High
181NORTHERNKalpohin Senior High
182NORTHERNYendi Senior High .
183OTIBaglo  Ridge Senior High/Tech.
184OTIOkadjakrom Senior High/Tech.
185OTIBueman Senior High .
186U. EASTBawku Senior High
187U. EASTZebilla Senior High/Tech
188U. WESTQueen of Peace Senior High, Nadowli
189U. WESTKanton Senior High
190U. WESTT. I. Ahmadiyya Senior High, Wa
191U. WESTWa Senior High .
192U. WESTLassie-Tuolu Senior High
193VOLTAAgate Comm. Senior High
194VOLTAAnlo Senior High
195VOLTAMafi-Kumasi Senior High/Tech
196VOLTAE.P.C. Mawuko Girls Senior High
197VOLTAAwudome Senior High .
198VOLTAAbutia Senior High/Tchnical
199VOLTASt. Mary’s Sem.& Senior High, Lolobi
200VOLTAKeta Senior High/Tech .
201VOLTAKpando Senior High .
202VOLTAVakpo Senior High
203VOLTAPeki Senior High
204VOLTATongor Senior High Tech.
205VOLTASogakope Senior High
206WESTERNSt. Mary’s Boys’ Senior High, Apowa
207WESTERNEsiama Senior High/Tech
208WESTERNHalf Assini Senior High
209WESTERNMpohor Senior High
210WESTERNDaboase Senior High/Tech
211WESTERNNsein Senior High
212WESTERNBompeh Senior High./Tech
213WESTERNAdiembra Senior High
214WESTERNShama Senior High
215WESTERNAhantaman Girls’ Senior High
216WESTERNTarkwa Senior High
217WESTERNAmenfiman Senior High
218WESTERN NORTHBia Senior High/Tech
219WESTERN NORTHSefwi Bekwai Senior High
220WESTERN NORTHBodi Senior High
221WESTERN NORTHJuaboso Senior High
222WESTERN NORTHAkontombra Senior High
223WESTERN NORTHSefwi-Wiawso Senior High
224WESTERN NORTHSefwi-Wiawso Senior High/Tech
225WESTERN NORTHAsawinso Senior High
226WESTERN NORTHSt. Joseph Senior High, Sefwi Wiawso
227WESTERN NORTHDadieso Senior High


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