Hult prize at Nurses Training College, Pantang

    Hult prize at Nurses Training College, Pantang

    Hult prize foundation is the leading world’s educative, informative, an entrepreneurial platform for students. It has also included lecturers and some prominent people in various communities. It is in partnership with the United Nations and Unikorn.


    With the founder and CEO being Ahmad Ashkar, which also has the 42nd President of the United States of America, Bill Clinton as the Patron. It is known as the Nobel prize for students with the grand prize of $1M for winners to make a change in the world.

    Hult prize at Nurses Training College, Pantang is also known as HultPrize NTCP was introduced in the year 2019 by the Campus Director, Adjei-Kyereh Ronald who strived to make it stay and recognized.

    This year, he has been appointed as the Campus Director for the second time, of which he has started doing amazing works. In addition, he has been able to recruit about 14 organizing member committees.

    Hult prize Nurses Training College, Pantang have had Online orientation and questions session with their African Analyst, Cliffton Nyakundi, and team pitching with Bere Rodríguez and Nelly Andrade from the global executive team.

    This year, the 2021 challenge revolving on Food, is to build a business plan that will last for 10 years, can feed 10,000 people, and create jobs for many individuals around the world. The Hult prize NTCP is preparing to delve more to explaining to everyone on campus and in the community to get them involved.

    We are also encouraging all students to join the Hult prize team to learn, be motivated, and ready to bring change in the world.

    “I am happy to officially welcome everyone to the 2020 Hult prize on-campus program, I will do my best to make everyone have an impactful experience to make a change in every corner they find themselves, I thank them for leading a generation to change the world” these were words, Adjei-Kyereh Ronald the campus director.

    We are welcoming all cooperate and individual companies to get on board and make this journey a success.
    Thank you.