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List of Food Provisions Needed For Boarding School In Ghana


The transition from Junior High School to the Senior High level is undoubtedly one of the biggest journeys in the phase of life.

This transition seems to birth a feeling of nervousness which frequently stems from the thought of moving to a new area and also establishing new relationships and adapting to new ways of living.

This big leap to some is a nightmare and to others a bundle of joy.

Regardless of the feeling that is brought about as a result of this journey, there comes the stress of preparations and also the need to pack up.

Like any other journey, the ability to prepare well before going to any SHS in Ghana can be a reason for a seemingly smooth and happy life in the boarding house.

Aside from the prospectus, below is a list of common food provisions we at success Africa have compiled to help make this three-year journey in SHS school a happy and easy one.

Food Provisions Needed For Boarding School In Ghana

Below is the list of food provisions needed for boarding school in Ghana;

1. Shito

This can be a compound element that complements varieties of foods. Shito can be used to enhance the taste of Jollof, Can be used to prepare gashit(A mixture of gari and shito) and can also be used to eat kenkey.

2. Gari

Gari can be the greatest friend of every SHS student in Ghana.
A friend that can relieve you from afternoon hunger or help complete the hunger which couldn’t be satisfied from the dining table.

It can be used for our same old gashit, Gari soakings (A mixture of gari and sugar) and can also be used as yeast by adding it to already cooked Jollof. (We know the functions of yeast right)

Sometimes the ladies or girls decorate a beautiful cake made from gari and present it to friends on their birthdays.
This means gari has an entertainment function too.

3. Chocolate Powder

Most students call it milo but it can range from all cocoa or chocolate powder products.
This can be used to make chocolate beverages and sometimes as an early breakfast in case of dining delays.

4. Biscuit

All kinds of biscuits are allowed but the most common type which has been a companion for ages to most SHS students is the “hye me ma” biscuit.

Three to five pieces of hye me ma biscuit can sustain a person who cannot wait for the dining time bell to ring. You can smear butter, or chocolate spread to make it more delicious.

5. Drinks

Having a pack of drinks in your chop box can help satisfy those taste buds once in a while.
One thing is you may not have it served chilled or refrigerated but you can be assured that it will be there to complement your hye me ma or any other biscuit.

6. Milk Powder

Some may prefer milk over a milk powder but one needs to adjust since we are not in the comfort of our homes where the rest of the milk can be preserved for future purposes for this reason milk powder is common.

This can be used in preparing our sweet gari soakings, can be added to chocolate beverages to make it creamier and can be used to prepare milkshakes too.

7. Sugar

A major ingredient in preparing gari soakings, chocolate beverages or milkshakes.

8. Groundnut

In case you need an extra ingredient to add to your gari soakings you can resort to groundnut.

9. Cornflakes

Another food provision for senior high schools in Ghana is Cornflakes. Maybe you’ve gone for dining and the food they served was not enough to satisfy you, cornflakes mixed with milk can do the magic for you.

10. Cerelac

Yes, Cerelac. This is one of the few food provisions that students forget to add but it can complement your food needs.

11. Bread and Butter

Bread and butter can make your breakfast super fast. Just get your gari ‘soakings’ or add milk, and you are good to go.


  • Choose ingredients that you can use for multiple meals
  • Look for options that have extended shelf life – frozen fruits/veggies or non-dairy/lactose free milk last significantly longer
  • The freezer is your friend! You can buy meat products in bulk and preserve what you don’t use in the freezer and defrost as needed


Presented above is the list of food provisions needed for boarding school in Ghana.

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