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29+ Top List of Professional Catering Schools In Ghana


Catering schools in Ghana are becoming so much important in the hospitality industry. In a growing economy like Ghana where tourism attracts many foreigners, it’s very indispensable to train professionals who will be ready to meet the growing food needs of these customers.

As we all know a catering school is a further school where you learn the catering skills to become a professional Chef, there is a need to establish institutions that specialize in catering and have the capacity to give the industry standard training.

According to recent studies, the UK hospitality industry is the 4th biggest employer, accounting for over 3 million jobs through direct employment and 2.8 million indirectly, which makes studying for a career within the industry a worthwhile choice.

As a country that prioritizes the stability of its economy, it’s essential to take advantage of the opportunities that this catering industry brings. And to do this, we must at least prepare short certificate courses that will ensure the grasping of these culinary skills.

If there’s a way to take advantage of this opportunity, there must be an establishment of culinary schools to foster the faster growth of the industry.

Ghana has a good number of catering and vocational schools doing well in the hospitality industry.

Skills Required in Catering

Catering requires a range of skills and knowledge, including business, hospitality, and industrial arts. Business and catering skills include:

  • Stocking the kitchen and organization
  • Menu and recipe design
  • Marketing and event planning
  • Food presentation
  • Sanitation
  • Cooking preparation

Catering establishments in Ghana recognize the importance of providing education in the food industry and ensuring that citizens possess basic industry skills.

In this post, we highlight some of the top catering schools in Ghana that interested individuals can consider applying to.

Catering establishments in Ghana recognize the importance of establishing education in the food industry and providing basic information among citizens.

In Ghana, basic skills are necessary to ensure citizens know the industry’s basic skills. In this post, we highlight some top catering schools in Ghana that interested people can consider applying to.


List of Catering Schools In Ghana

Find below the list of all the top catering schools in Ghana to consider for admission;

  1. School of Catering
  2. The School of Culinary Art
  3. Cake Tekniks International
  4. Prime School of Hospitality & Culinary Arts
  5. Abset Catering Institute
  6. Khameen Professional Institute
  7. JVEES Cateering & Training
  8. HOTCATT (Hotel, Catering & Tourism Training Institute) Hospitality School
  9. EKGS Dansoman
  10. Naa Suma School
  11. The Kings Culinary Institute
  12. Dainess Chef School
  13. Vinesthy Catering Institute
  14. Hakies Floral and Catering Consult.
  15. Flair Catering Service
  16. Through The Cooking Class
  17. Jenny’s Catering School
  18. GOfoods Catering and Delivery Service
  19. Quans Catering Service
  20. Event Floral Decor School & Services
  21. G-Del Catering Institute
  22. Matma Catering Services
  23. Cake Tekniks International, Laterbiokorshie Campus
  24. Cake Tekniks International, East Legon
  25. Sambet Cake and Decor Training Center
  26. Airways Catering Limited
  27. Lalilu Training Centre
  28. Generational Queens Catering Services and School
  29. Cleverland School
  30. Eliwils Catering Services


The catering schools in Ghana we have indicated in this post offer different ranges of courses; some are certificate short courses, diploma and degree programs.

The list above is all the top professional catering schools in Ghana as of the time of writing this post. If you know of any good catering school in Ghana not captured in our post, kindly let us know in the comment box below.

Some of these Culinary Schools have accommodations for students traveling afar for studies. It is always important to verify the institution of your choice before making a decision.

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