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NUGS Exorbitant Price of Nomination Forms Causes Social Media Uproar; Gh¢1500 For Prez. and Gh¢1000 for Other Positions


The National Union of Ghana Students(NUGS) is now believed to be a money making institution as price for nomination forms is pegged at Gh¢1,500 for Presidency and Gh¢1000 for other portfolios.

Students’ leadership roles which were supposed to be the preparatory grounds for students to take up national positions have shifted from its core mandate and apparently now breeding corrupt leaders.

There has been a huge social media uproar by students and the general public over the exorbitant price of nomination forms for dedicated students who want to serve Ghanaian students.

These reports were gleaned from Facebook comments of former student leaders and current ones who are appalled by the lack of seriousness of NUGS recently.

Their primary aim of protecting and safeguarding the rights and interest of Ghanaian students has long been forgotten as the students jump from one political office to other begging politicians for food and favours, all the time while studies suffer.

An association which is supposed to be nonpartisan looks like it has now been infiltrated with external political influence. As of now, reports indicate that NUGS has two president, one from the National Democratic Congress and the other from the New Patriotic Party.

Statistics prove that NUGS has always have price of nomination forms increased yearly and it is gradually switching to a case of ‘he who has money can lead’.

See screenshot of chats below..

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