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GIJ SRC Polls Rigging Saga: Ishmael Fia was set up – Lawyers


Lawyers of Ismael Fia, the student of GIJ who was caught allegedly rigging SRC elections have said their client was set up.

It was reported that Ishmael, a diploma 2 Student was caught with about 19 thumb printed ballot papers during their SRC elections, a move that violates the electoral rules.

Reports indicate observers were alarmed when Ismael spent more than 5 minutes in the voting booth.

In a release we have sighted, his lawyers describe the incident as a set up.

Having gone through the process of verification and proceeded to the voting screen,Mr Ishmael Fia noticed a rather unusual pack of papers lying on the voting screen.

He therefore picked up the pack of papers to have a clearer view of the papers,where he noticed that the papers had been thumb printed and left there by an unidentified person.

He lifted the paper and before he could draw the attention of the police,a group of students who had been watching all this while blew an alarm,drawing attention of all students and voters to the scene.

Mr Ishmael Fia, as law abiding as he was, stood still with the papers and waited for the police for explanation.

This was where various meanings,theories and explanations of the situation was were promulgated and further stories to instigate students in an already hostile and charged atmosphere,” excerpts of the letter reads.

School Management hints of plans to sanction Ishmael Fia

Dean of Students Affairs of the Ghana Institute of Journalism, Mr. David Danquah Appau, has hinted of school management’s plans to sanction Ishmael Fia, SRC Electoral Commissioner, Isaac Adu has said.

According to Isaac Adu, he had an engagement with Mr. Danquah Appau after the incident and he disclosed that school management had intentions of punishing him to serve as a deterrent to others.

“When I met the Dean of Students, he said there would be a sanction against him [Ishmael Fia] in school. The Dean of Students hasn’t confirmed anything but he only suggested that there would be sanctions.” he said

He even told me that since he is in Diploma 2 and expected to buy forms to continue as a Weekend student in Level 300, this can be a caveat for him not to be admitted.

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