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When Will 2023 BECE Results Be Released?


We know there are hundreds of BECE candidates who are eager to know when the BECE results for 2023 be released by the West African Examination Council (WAEC).

If you happen to be one of them, this comprehensive article will answer a lot of your questions about when the 2023 BECE results will be released.

When Will 2023 BECE Results Be Released?

The 2023 BECE results have been released, according to a pubication copied to Success Africa from WAEC.  Marking and release of BECE results usually takes a maximum of 45 days from when the exams officially ended.

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Is BECE Result For JSS3 2023 Out?

As of the time of writing this article, the BECE result for JSS3 Students had not been released by the West African Examination Council (WAEC).

What Is The Grading System For BECE 2023?

The pass BECE Grades for School Placement is from aggregate 6 to aggregate 30. BECE Candidates are graded based on their performance in the external examination (objective and written) and Continuous (Internal) Assessment marks provided by the schools. A nine-point numerical scale is used in grading the candidates, with Grade 1 denoting the highest performance and Grade 9 the lowest.

How Long Does It Take For BECE Results To Come Out?

Marking and release of BECE results takes a maximum of 45 days from when the exams officially ended. Although in rare circumstances due to technical challenges, the release of BECE results exceeds the 45 days limit set by WAEC.

Is The BECE Result Out Yes Or No?

No, the BECE result for 2023 is not out as of the time of writing this article.

Which Month BECE Result Will Be Out?

Usually, the marking of scripts takes up to 14 days. As It takes two weeks to mark the scripts and a week to validate and finalize the results and release, the new schedule for the release of the 2023 BECE results is within the first and second week of January 2023.

How Is The BECE 2023 Results Calculated?

The BECE Results are calculated using the 6 best subjects from your BECE results. The 3 best core subjects (Maths, English, Inter-Science or Social) and your 3 best elective subjects, Maths and English are must among the core subjects. You can select from science and social for the calculation.

Is aggregate 26 good in BECE?

BECE Students with an Aggregate of 26-48 will gain admission because there are enough schools to get students placed when the school placement is completed. Those who do not get automatic placement would be usually given a second chance to do what is called Self Placement.

Can the BECE results change?

No. BECE results cannot be changed. There is nothing like a results upgrade. Be wary of fraudsters who promise to change candidates’ results for a fee.

Why Do People Fail BECE?

A student may not understand the question, may have poor study habits, or even suffer from a learning disability. Some students fail the BECE exams because they simply don’t put in enough effort. Others may lack the necessary skills or practice.

If you want to pass your BECE Exams, we are sure that this article will be helpful.

Final Words On When Will 2023 BECE Results Be Released

Just as we have indicated in this article, the 2023 BECE result is expected to be released on 25th January, 2024.

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