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When Will 2023 BECE Placement Be Out?


In this article, we will answer one of the popular questions, When will the 2023 BECE placement be out. Many candidates who took part in the 2023 BECE examinations have asked when the BECE placement result is coming out? This question is very particular for candidates awaiting placement into various Senior High, Technical, and Vocational Institutes.

When Will 2023 BECE Placement Be Out?

The 2023 BECE Placement will be released before the close of February, 2024, according to the Ministry of Education.

When CSSPS releases the placement, candidates can use the steps below to buy the BECE CSSPS E-voucher.

Is the placement checker out?

Yes, the placement checkers are out. The placement checkers are normally available a few days before the release of the school placement by WAEC. Kindly get in touch with our customer service representative to know more.

How do I get BECE school placement check?

Our company sells BECE Placement Checker Card. You can reach our customer care via Call/WhatsApp on 0593038091 now for one at a cool GHC 20.

How To Buy CSSPS E-Voucher On Phone With Mobile Money

If you want to check your CSSPS School Placement, you must first buy a placement checker from a trusted seller.

Follow the instructions below to buy your BECE Placement Checker in 1 minute. Contact 0599323956 if you need help.

  1. Purchase a result checker card via www.checkercards.com
  2. Visit the result-checking portal at https://eresults.waecgh.org
  3. Enter your Index Number.
  4. Re-enter your Index Number to confirm it is correct.
  5. Select Examination type (e.g BECE School).
  6. Select the year of Examination (e.g 2023).
  7. Enter the Serial number (e.g 180000000001).
  8. Enter Pin (e.g A1B2C3D4E5F9).
  9. Click on the captcha.
  10. Click on Submit and wait for the popup window to display your results. This may take some minutes, but please wait.

Both private and school candidates want to know when the BECE placement result will be out. However, before a candidate can qualify for placement into the Senior High School in Ghana, they must meet some criteria.

Below, you can find the procedure for calculating your BECE results for placement.

How to Calculate BECE Results for School Placement

All candidates who wrote the BECE exams are anxiously waiting for their results. It is not uncommon to ask questions such as calculating BECE results and the BECE grading scale. It might be the fear or anxiety of being enrolled in an excellent senior high school to some.

The BECE exam is one of the essential examinations in Ghana’s education system. To aid your performance and confidence, it is vital to understand the WAEC grading system and the procedure used by the examination body to calculate BECE results.

The idea is that students should make a conscious effort to guarantee their placement in reputable senior high schools.

So in this guide, we will show you a step-by-step guide on how to calculate BECE results.

  • Marking using the marking scheme is the first step when computing BECE results. You get to know the wrong and correct answers per subject from the marking process.
  • Count the number of correct answers and note them down.
  • Divide the correct answers by the total number of questions asked. (e.g., 30/50)
  • The quotient should be in decimal points or a fraction. (e.g. 0.6 or 3/5)
  • Multiply the quotient by 100% to get a percentage. (e.g. 0.6*100%= 60%) Note: This calculation is done on the individual subject.
  • With the percentage in hand, pull out the grading table as prepared using the stanine method or the new flexible 9-scale criterion-referenced grading system and match your raw score, i.e., 60%, to the marks on the chart.
  • Once you have identified its rightful place, you will be able to know its corresponding grade, following the 1 to 9 grading strategy.

You can use our guide here to check your BECE results.

While preparing for the placement, you can have a fair idea of the approved SHS prospectus for Free Senior High School entrants.

Preparation For Senior High School Admission

Once the results have successfully been uploaded online by WAEC, the next thing we are sure many candidates are waiting for is the BECE placement. After the placement, two other things seem to be a burden for parents. They are;

  • The prospectus for Senior High Schools In Ghana
  • The Food provisions for Boarding Students.

The prospectus is the list of items parents are expected to buy for their wards to be sent to school as part of the admission process. We have an article on the prospectus for senior high schools in Ghana you can check to have a fair view of the items you will need for school.

Kindly note that the prospectus is the General one approved by the Ghana Education Service. There may be some variations in the list some schools will give, and our article serves as a guide.

For food provisions, you may check our article highlighted to have a fair idea of some food provisions you can start buying for your ward.


In this article, we answered one of the popular questions, when will the 2023 BECE placement be out.

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