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List Of Best Delivery Companies In Ghana


Have you ever had to transport goods to a predefined destination but we’re unable to due to lack of financial means, distance or time. Well, delivery companies have got you.

Delivery is transporting cargo or physical goods from one place to another. Delivery companies have become a lifesaver for many Ghanaians. Virtually every online business and physical shop has employed delivery services.

Delivery companies have acquired tracking systems to ensure that customers can track their goods and estimate the time of their arrival. These goods are transported by sea, road, rail or air, and some delivery companies offer international services.

Delivery companies can transport almost any cargo ranging from food, home appliances, electrical gadgets, sofas, cars, machines, clothing and many more.

There has been the emergence of several delivery companies in the country. We’ve got you covered if you are looking for fast, reliable and secure delivery companies.

List of Delivery Companies In Ghana

Below are some of the best delivery companies in the country.

  • DHL Express, Ghana
  • FEDEX, Ghana
  • Street Express
  • Kasi Express
  • IAS Ghana Limited
  • OAK Express Limited
  • United Parcel Delivery Company
  • Eagle Express
  • Shield Runner
  • Mediterranean Shipping Company
  • Apex Shipping And Commercial Company
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1. DHL Express, Ghana

DHL Express is an international delivery company established in San Francisco in the year 1969 by Adrian Dalsey and Larry Hilblom. The company has branches in over 100 countries globally, and it is the most widely used delivery company in Ghana.

Their head office in Ghana is located at C913/3, Crescent Road, North Ridge. They offer international door-to-door pickup and drop off services with end-to-end tracking and local delivery services.

2. FEDEX, Ghana

FedEx Ghana is an international delivery company established in the year 1971 in Tennessee, US. This company operates in over 200 countries worldwide with over 668 fleets and 50 aircraft for international deliveries.

They have their Ghana headquarters along the Airport Road in Accra, and they offer both global and local services at affordable prices.

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3. Street Express

Street Express is a Ghanaian owned delivery company. This company is licensed by the Postal and Courier Service Regulatory Commission.

The company offers local pickup and drop-off services within the Greater Accra metropolis. They offer mail distribution and transport services as well. They are located at Olusegun Obasanjo Road, Roman Ridge in Accra.

4. Kasi Express

Kasi Express was established in the year 2014. They provide fast and reliable services to Ghana and across West Africa clients.

They offer same-day express services, consulates, logistics, haulage and dispatch services. Their office is located at 43 Ring Road Central in Accra.

5. IAS Ghana Limited

This is a licensee of FedEx by franchise agreement in the year 1993. The company has offices in over ten regions and major districts, and it has 25 centres for the collection of goods in Accra.

They offer local services like same-day deliveries, overnight deliveries and specialized economy services. Their head office is at Airport West, Airport Residential Area in Accra.

6. OAK Express Limited

This is both a delivery and a domestic courier company. They are spread across most of Ghana’s major cities, and they have their head office in Accra.

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They provide services like carrying packages, parcels and documents, and express delivery services.

With the list provided, be assured of fast and safe delivery for all your goods.


Presented above are full list of delivery companies in Ghana.

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