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List of Loan Companies In Ghana


If you have been in need for some of the best loan companies in Ghana, this comprehensive article can be your ultimate guide.

A loan is the lending of money by individuals or organizations to other individuals or organizations. The person who receives the loan is a borrower, and they incur debt and may or may not pay interest on the loan borrowed depending on the lender.

A loan company is a financial institution that offers or issues loans to individuals and organizations. They borrow money from more prominent financial institutions at a low-interest rate and lend at a higher interest rate. 

Loan companies give out loans only while banks receive deposits and withdrawals and, in some cases, give out loans.

A loan may be secured by collateral or unsecured, like credit cards. In Ghana, credit cards are generally not used.

Loans in Ghana have primarily secured loans. Loan companies in Ghana usually are savings and loans companies.

If you are looking for fast and reliable loan companies in Ghana, stick around and read this article.

Below are some of the best loan companies in Ghana, according to the Bank of Ghana:

1. ASA Savings And Loans Company Limited

ASA Savings and loans was established under the laws of Ghana in June 2009. It is registered with the Ghana Investment Promotion Centre and licensed by the Bank of Ghana. 

It is a subsidiary of ASA International, one of the largest microfinance institutions in the world. They provide loans for business purposes to low-income earners and entrepreneurs. They provide:

  • Small and weekly loans.
  • Individual and monthly loans.
  • Small and medium-scale Enterprise loans.
  • Educational loans.

2. Best Point Savings And Loans Limited

Best point savings and loans is a Ghanaian owned company established in 2012. It is registered under Companies Code, Act 1963 (Act 179), and the Bank of Ghana licenses it. 

It provides savings and loans services. They offer auto loans, salary loans, import financing, church loans, and loans for small and medium scale enterprises.

3. SIC Life Savings And Loans

This company was licensed in 2015 to operate as a savings and loans company. It is a subsidiary of SIC Life Company Limited, a life insurance company.

It offers personal loans, business loans, fixed income loans, asset financing and many more. Its headquarters is located on the Adjaben Road in Accra.

4. ABii National Savings And Loans Limited

This savings and loans company was established in 2011. The Bank of Ghana licenses it. Its headquarters is located at Cantonments in Accra. It is a subsidiary of Tobinco Group of Companies. 

It is one of the fastest growing companies in Ghana’s banking sector. They offer salary loans, personal loans, revolving loans, corporate loans, loans for small and medium scale enterprises, among many others.

5. Adehyeman Savings And Loans Limited

Adehyeman savings and loans is located at Kokomlemle in Accra. They focus on providing salary loans, group loans, agro loans, auto loans, among many others.

They have six branches located all over Accra, Kumasi and Swedru. They focus on individuals, groups and small and medium scale enterprises within their catchment area.


Below are some frequently asked questions on best loan companies in Ghana;

How can I borrow money in Ghana?

See the application process below.

  • Dial *110#
  • Choose option 5 (Financial Services)
  • Choose option 3 (Loans)
  • Select option 1 (Ready Loan)
  • Choose option 2 (Ready Loan Request)
  • select option 1 (Opt in)
  • Enter your mobile money PIN to proceed.

Which app gives loan instantly in Ghana?

LendingPapa is a quick online loan app in Ghana. If you need a loan, please downloan APP and register an account, you can get a loan of GHS 1,000 ~ GHS 5,000. Loan Amount: GHS 1,000 ~ GHS 5,000. Loan Term: 91~365 days.

Why is MTN not giving loans?

If you delay in repaying your MTN Loan, it will be difficult to get another loan. So the reason for you not being able to apply is that you couldn’t pay your previous loan within the stipulated time. Anytime you are given a loan you are given an ultimatum of thirty days to repay.


In this article, we listed some loan companies in Ghana.

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