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Car Rental Companies In Ghana


A car rental company is a company that rents vehicles for a short period. They usually have different branches; therefore, customers can drop off a car at a different location from where they picked it up.

They are normally located around airports. These services are offered to locals and travellers, ranging from a few hours to a few weeks.

Car rental services date back to 1906. They run by buying or leasing many vehicles and then renting them for a fee. Car rental companies offer a wide variety of colours to suit your budget.

If you are looking for the best car rental companies in Ghana, this article is yours. There are a significant number of car rental companies in Ghana.


Europcar mobility group is an international car rental company established in 1949 in Paris, France. It has its head office in the business park of Val-Quentin in France. It was founded by Rapul-Louis Mattei and has spread worldwide.

In Ghana, Europcar is located inside the CFAO building in Accra at the Airport bypass. It is one of the best in Ghana and has won many international awards, including the world’s leading car rental company website from the World Travel Awards in 2016.

Eskel Car Rentals And Tour

This company began operations in 2004 with only two cars. Today, they have a lot of vehicles for every occasion. It is one of the leading tour organizations in Ghana, and they provide transportation, accommodation, and travel arrangements.

They provide these services for individuals and corporate organizations. They have various types of cars to suite any budget, and they offer vehicles for daily, weekly, monthly and even yearly rentals. Their vehicles include SUVs, luxury cars, 4×4, standard cars, luxury buses and commercial cars.

Avis Car Rentals Ghana

This is an American car rental company founded in 1946 in Michigan, United States. It has its headquarters in New Jersey, US. It was founded by Warren Avis and is located in 165 countries. It was founded with just three cars at Willow Run Airport.

In Ghana, Avis Car Rentals is located in Soula Loop, North Labone in Accra. It has a 40% market share in Ghana’s car rental industry.

They offer a wide range of cars, both luxurious and standard. They offer self-driving and chauffeur services to corporate organisations.

Alabaster Car Rentals And Tours LTD

This car rentals company is located on the Granada hotel premises, Liberation Road in Accra. It has been in operation since 2000 and is licensed by the Ghana Tourist Board, and is a member of the Car Rentals Association Group. It offers short-term rental services, and it is one of the cheapest car rentals in Ghana.

SUVAD Travel And Tours

It started operations in 2009. It is located at the Rana Plaza building, Kotobabi, Spintex Road. It offers cars for all purposes. They provide chauffeur services, delivery and pickup of vehicles, luxury services, self-drive services and travel and hospitality.


In this article, we have listed some car rental companies in Ghana.

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