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List of Oil Marketing Companies In Ghana


If you have been in need for some of the best oil marketing companies in Ghana, this comprehensive article will be your ultimate guide.

Oil marketing is the method energy or petroleum industries employ to create awareness about their brand to be able to drive customers towards them. It oversees petroleum pricing. They are involved in the wholesale and retail of petroleum products.

In Ghana, the Association of Oil Marketing Companies is the industry Association of Oil Marketers in Ghana. It was founded to help direct downstream policy regulation and legislation.

Its headquarters is located at Bungalow No. 6 Prempeh II street, GIMPA School campus, Green Hill. It conducts research aiming for the development of the downstream sector.

It was formed in 2003 and represents the collective interests of the various oil marketing companies in Ghana.

It operated as just a loose organization until it was registered as Association of Oil Marketing Companies (AOMCs) with a constitution by all its members.

Below are some oil marketing companies in Ghana;

Total Petroleum Limited

Total was formerly known as Mobil Oil Ghana Limited. It is a Ghanaian petroleum company. It operates in over 225 petrol stations in Ghana as at October 2006.

They deal in oil and gas exploration and production as well as natural gas and LNG trading and transportation and oil refining.

It was the first Oil Marketing Company to be certified in Ghana. It was the only Oil Marketing Company with an electronic card payment system in Ghana. The card continues to be in widespread demand.

Goil Company Limited

Goil is the leading petroleum company in Ghana focusing on marketing quality petroleum and other energy products. The company is run by a management team.

The government of Ghana owns 34.2% shares. It is the only indigenous petroleum commercial company in Ghana. It received ISO certification in 2012.

Santol Energy

Santol Energy is one of the best oil marketing companies in Ghana. This is a Ghanaian oil marketing company with a lot of experience in the Oil and gas Industry in Ghana. It procures, distributes and sells petroleum products.

It serves private corporation right down to government entities. It has supply affiliation with Qodesh Energy Limited, Melcom Group, Yara Ghana, Global Haulage Ghana, Willmens Company Limited and other bulk distributorship companies.

Puma Energy

This is a privately owned oil marketing company. It is a Swiss multinational mid and downstream oil company and has been in operation for 24 years.

They operate in over 44 countries across five continents. Its headquarters is on the 7th floor of 1 Airport square building in Accra.

Frimps Oil Company Limited

Frimps Oil is a private limited liability company incorporated under Ghana’s Companies Code, Act 179 of 1963 on 27th February 2003.

It is licensed by the National Petroleum Authority. Their headquarters is at the World Trade Center, 2nd floor adjacent Cedi House, Independence Avenue, Accra.

Engen Ghana Limited

Engen Ghana was an affiliate of Engen Petroleum Limited in South Africa. It began operations in Ghana from 1998. It has now been acquired by Mocoh Ghana.

They have 38 service stations across the country. They supply products for petrol and diesel engines, gearboxes, hydraulics, compressors and a variety of other applications.


In this article, we listed some oil marketing companies in Ghana

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