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Prices of Wedding Gowns In Ghana

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A wedding dress or gown is the attire worn by a bride during a wedding. Wedding gowns are mostly white, but the colour can depend on the culture of the bride and groom. Wedding ceremonies are, most of the time, religious events.

The Europeans and The American’s white wedding has spread worldwide and is the most practised wedding ceremony in the world. It has deep Christian values attached to it.

The white wedding dress is as essential as the wedding and engagement ring and asks as a symbol of marriage. The White wedding dress became popular when Queen Victoria wore it for her marriage in 1840.

White wedding dress is associated with Western culture. The documented princess to wear a white wedding dress was Philippa of England in 1406 during her marriage to Eric of Pomerania.

Annie of Brittany wore a white wedding dress during her marriage to Louis XII in 1499 and the Queen of Scots, Mary in 1559 during her marriage to Francis.

White wedding dresses became a tradition in the 20th century. They are worn as a symbol of virginity, innocence and romance, which white represents.

The tradition of wearing white on one’s wedding day is still prevalent today. A wedding company called Wedding Wire reports that 85% of brides still prefer to go with a white wedding dress. White wedding dresses are worn in almost all countries worldwide, and only the bride wears a white dress at the wedding ceremony.

There are different types of wedding dresses according to their styles. They are

  1. A-line
  2. Mermaid line
  3. Princess-line-1
  4. Princess-line-2
  5. Ball gown
  6. Slender line
  7. Empire-line
  8. Mini

The most common fabrics used for wedding dresses are

  1. Charmeuse
  2. Chiffon
  3. Crepe
  4. Jersey
  5. Lace
  6. Mikado
  7. Organza
  8. Satin
  9. Silk
  10. Tulle
  11. Shantung
  12. Taffeta

Most people dream of their wedding dresses from childhood. Some may imagine a ball gown, and others may be a simple white dress. If you are in Ghana and looking to get married soon, you are at the right place. It is the dream of every lady to say I do look snatched, classy, slayed and lit.

Here we will give you the various price ranges of your favourite wedding gowns. First of all, below are shops where your classy and stunning wedding dresses can be bought or rented at very affordable prices.

  1. Manyame bridals
  2. Cee Cee’s bridals
  3. Traditions
  4. Royal bridals Ghana
  5. Elegant Day bridal
  6. Estella bridal boutique
  7. Pinksviva bridal and events
  8. Peace bridal
  9. Complete bridal services
  10. Wedding parlour

Prices of Wedding Gowns In Ghana

The price of a wedding gown differs from place to place, and the style of the gown is also a factor in considering the price. A wedding dress may be as low as GH¢ 600.00 to as high as GH¢ 5,000.00 and above. Some designer wedding dresses may cost GH¢ 10,000.00 and above. You can also have your wedding dress specially tailored for you.


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