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Oh, Mother Ghana, Give Us Your Days Of Old.


In a historical time past, the Ghanaian society though not a crime free society was one of a far fairly safe one.

The people living in the communities, both rural and urban felt a kind of soundness which is by far not likely felt in our today.

Cases such as robbery especially daylight robbery, thievery, teenage pregnancy and abortions, irresponsible parenthood and parenting, bad attitudes toward education, rape especially of gang rape, unprofessional conducts by public officers, general misconduct by both the elite and uneducated class and absolute insecurity were not on daily records of society.

Today, we cannot be bold to mention a Ghana of daily insecurity. Mother Ghana, in our dispensation is feeling threatened in all ways.

The big question is what has gone wrong? and who is the cause? Maybe, the structures of discipline and education has drastically fallen in all spheres of life in our communities.

No community in Ghana is left out on the matters of insecurity, poor hygienic conditions and fallen standards of education and discipline.

We have become a threat to our own selves. Oh, Mother Ghana, what has gone wrong? Where are the days when we sat with the leaders at night to listen to stories of wisdom?

The telling of Ananse stories and the quizzing of riddles, the desire to hear proverbs uttered and explained, days of love for family and the we feeling of community.

I remember the days when the villages would gather every Saturday or Sunday morning to sweep the streets of the village, weed all bushy areas, do everything necessary and possible to keep the community clean, and then we called it communal labor.

The times when my “Odikro” would hold a durbar just to inculcate the cultural heritage of his community in the children and the youth. Oh, mother Ghana, have we lost it all yet?

It is worth reminiscing how cultural theatrical concepts were introduced to curb challenges of those mentioned earlier. Thus, the culture of mother Ghana was upheld esteem so much so that, it was hardly you see crime in broad day light as what is fearlessly happening today.

We cannot forget concepts such as Akan Drama, Cantata, Key Soap Concert Party by the Kristo Asafo Band, By the Fire Side, Taxi Driver, Home Sweet Home etc. which served as edutainment, shaping and reshaping society and suiting our cultural morality.

Lest we forget to acknowledge various drama series and programs heard on radio, mostly organized by schools if not cultural troupes and organizations.

The television, radio and print media fully or partly sponsored and organized such theatrical concepts which positively shaped the moral standards of society. The probable disassociation and/or lack of interest by the media to further sponsor such concepts could be justifiable as the beginning of the societal woes we see today.

It is my earnest belief that, the time has come for us to revisit the good old days. Days where theatrical concepts could induce positive change, turning misfortunes of society to fortunes. Times when the children feared the dark and loved light.

It is time for the media to halt political shows for a moment and adore programs that seek to change society. It is time to redirect technological advancements to the benefit of our society. It is time to think beyond formalities.

My hopes are built on seeing those days of old. Yes, those days when the likes of Santo, Judas, Kohwe, Adjoss, Adwoa Smart, Waakye, Julijuu, Akrobeto, Agya Koo, Agya Nto, Nkomode, Bishop Bob Okala, Original 36, among other living and dead legends could make us laugh whilst gaining education on how to live well as a people with one destiny and culture. How I yearn for the days of old. Oh, Mother Ghana, give us your days of old.

Written by:
Reindolf Amankwa
(Writer; Nnsoroma Publications)
0544728631 / 0204081217

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