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Top 5 South African Classified Sites to Market Your Goods


There are a lot of sites that give the opportunity for those who trade in various items by providing an online space for people to showcase their items for sale or trading.

South Africans like shopping online. Phone shopping sites in South Africa, for instance, have increased significantly because about 20-22 million of their population are using smartphones.

Below are some sites to market your products online;


OLX is one of the most popular classified sites in South Africa for people who want to market their products online. OLX provides various categories of adverts to support various users.

OLX offers free service providing a direct contact between buyer and seller of products on the ads. Paid ads implies better and more efficient services.

Website: https://www.olx.co.za/


Gumtree is one of the topmost classified sites for online advertising of goods and products for sale. Gumtree makes provision for online traders to market their goods for free but it does require an account login to use. They also boast of a user friendly interface.

It has a lot of traffic which guarantees a good level of audience.

Website: https://www.gumtree.co.za/


Locanto makes use of Locations in its free ads offer. Locanto connects people directly who are interested in trading. City wide searches make for a more accurate use of the site.

Website: http://www.locanto.co.za/

Junk mail

Junk mail has been around for a very long time from when print media was at the fore front of marketing. They are undoubtedly one of the largest in the industry now.

Junk mail has over 30 various ad categories.

Website: https://www.junkmail.co.za/

Ads Africa

Ads Africa is in over 15 countries in Africa and has a lot of traffic on their site.

With a user-friendly interface, Ads Africa makes for an easy-to-use site for prospective clients. Ads Africa is also well known for their massive traffic on their website.

Website: https://www.adsafrica.co.za/


The above list is not necessarily in any particular order but are here mostly based on a combination of categories which emphasizes their popularity.

In this article, we highlighted the list of markets to sell your products online in South Africa.

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Other such sites include; Howzit, Afribaba, and Public ads amongst others.

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