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How To Check Your Vodafone Number In Ghana


In this article, we will share how to check your Vodafone number in Ghana successfully on your phone right now.

When you buy a new Vodafone SIM, one of the things you want to know immediately is the number of the SIM card you have bought.

If a colleague asks for your mobile phone number during those times, it is likely you might find it difficult to share the number with them. Not only that, if you had forgotten your own Vodafone number, you might need to get your number known.

During such situations, there is an easy way to know your Vodafone mobile number from your mobile phone.

How To Check Your Vodafone Number

Dial *127# on the Vodafone SIM for which you want to know the mobile number. You will instantly get a flash message on your phone screen that will give you your Vodafone mobile number.

This article may look weird. Isn’t it? We are sure you are asking who will forget his mobile number at this time. But this is common.

Since the emergence of the ”double-sim” mobile phones, about 7/10 of Ghanaians have used more than 1 SIM card. This may make it difficult to memorize the two or more contacts easily.

People also change their SIM cards for several reasons. We know a girl who has about 7 SIM cards. Just imagine someone like that, don’t you think it will be very difficult for such a person to remember all these numbers?

Until the introduction of the SIM re-registration, Ghanaians had the recourse to register any number of SIM cards they so wished. Still, the new Subscriber Identity Module Registration Regulation, 2011, LI 2006 that seeks to curb SIM Boxing and other criminal activities will allow Ghanaians to now register a maximum of 10 SIM Cards. This can only be done with the Ghana card.

If you have not registered your SIM card, once you find the SIM number, you can check our article on how to register your SIM card with a Ghana card.

Even though we have already indicated the simplest method to check your Vodafone number above, other alternative ways are below to check out.


How To Check Your Vodafone Number On A Phone Via A Call

Aside from dialling the shortcode to check the number, you can also call a different contact to see your number. To do that, follow the steps below;

  1. Launch the phone’s dial pad.
  2. Input your colleague’s phone number.
  3. Place the call, and you will see your number displayed on your colleague’s phone.

How To Check Your Vodafone Number Via SMS

You can also check your number by messaging a number saved on your phone. Kindly make sure the person is closer to you to see the number. To do that, follow the steps below;

  1. Go to your messages’ app.
  2. Press on “compose a new message.”
  3. Enter your colleague’s number as the recipient. If you have it saved on the phone, you can select it directly.
  4. Type any message in the SMS body.
  5. Press on send and check your number on your colleague’s phone.

Checking Vodafone Number On SIM Card Package.

Every SIM Card Casing contains the mobile number, PUK code, and Pin Code. These are important because they are the only information you need to unblock your SIM card should it be blocked.

If you have forgotten your Vodafone number, you can refer to the SIM Card casing to see the number.

Contacting Vodafone Customer Care For Assistance

You can also call Vodafone Customer Care for assistance. Follow these steps ;

  1. Launch your dial pad.
  2. Dial 100 and make the call from your unknown Vodafone number.
  3. Reply with your preferred language.
  4. Follow the voice prompt to speak to the agent.
  5. Tell the agent you want to know your phone number.
  6. Write your phone number for reference.


This article highlighted how to check your Vodafone Number without any hustle. We are sure that at least you have found one of the suggestions above useful.

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