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10 Easy Steps: How To Register SIM Card With Ghana Card


Are you having issues registering your SIM Card with Ghana Card and need a detailed guide on how to link the Ghana card to a SIM card?

In this article, we are going to take you through how to register SIM card with Ghana Card with 0 DIFFICULTY.

The Ministry of Communication and Digitalization (MoCD) in a few weeks back revealed the decision of the Ministry to allow telecommunication networks in the country to re-register all Mobile SIM Cards.

This event was scheduled to take off in June, 2021 but it was rescheduled to October 1, 2021.

According to the Ministry, the exercise is in accordance with the Subscriber Identity Module Registration Regulations, 2011, LI 2006 and will curb SIM Boxing and other criminal activities perpetrated by fraudsters using fake SIM cards and also to facilitate E-education, among others.

As a Ghanaian, you can register a total of 10 SIM cards across all networks, but you can only do so with a Ghana card.

The SIM registration exercise, which was expected to last for six months, was extended to July 31, 2022. If you have still not linked your Ghana card to your SIM Card, you still have up to the deadline to do that.

According to the Ministry of Communications and Digitalization, unregistered after the deadline will be deactivated. Owing to this, it has become important for all Ghanaians to link their Ghana Card to their SIM Cards.

If you are an MTN user, and you have forgotten your number, you can use our guide here to check your MTN number before you go to the stage 2 of the registration process.

If you have already linked your SIM Card and wants to check the details, you can use our article here.

How to Link Ghana Card to SIM card

Below is the step-by-step guide on how to link Ghana Card to SIM Card without any difficulty.

  • Dial the short code *404#
  • Enter Ghana Card Pin (Note: Enter letters and figures without hyphens)
  • Confirm Ghana Card Pin
  • Enter Surname
  • Enter First Name(s)
  • Enter Date of Birth (Format: DDMMYYYY)
  • Select Sex
  • Confirm Details
  • Submit Details Provided After Confirmation
  • Visit your service provider with the unique code to complete the registration process


1. If successful, you will get a confirmation message with a unique code

2. If unsuccessful due to wrong details, you have 3 attempts to answer security questions

A second stage of the registration process requires that users visit the office of their telecom service providers.

How to Register your SIM Card

  1. Dial *404#
  2. Enter Ghana Card PIN (Enter letters and figures without the hyphens)
  3. Confirm Ghana card PIN.
  4. Enter Surname and First Name(s)
  5. Enter Date of Birth (DDMMYY)
  6. Select Sex.
  7. Confirm details.
  8. Submit details provided after confirmation.

How to register SIM Card with Ghana Card (Step-by-Step with Screenshots)

Below are the screenshots on how to register SIM Card with Ghana Card in Ghana without any hustle.

Dial *404#  on your Mobile Phone

The first step to registering your SIM Card with Ghana card is to open your phone’s dialler and dial *404#


Press 1 to register

When you dial *404# and send, you will be given two options; 1 and 2. Press 1 to register or 2 to cancel the process.


Enter your Ghana Card Pin

The next step of the process is to enter your Ghana Card Pin. Kindly make sure not to add the hyphens (-) in the PIN. Eg: A typical Ghana Card Pin will look like GHA-000000000-1. But when you are typing it, ignore the hyphens and type the rest of the numbers. So it will be like; GHA0000000001. how-to-register-sim-card-with-ghana-card

Confirm Ghana Card Pin

After typing the Ghana Pin, the next stage of the process will require you to confirm your Ghana Card Pin by re-entering it. We advise that you copy the number in the previous step so that you can paste it here when you are asked to confirm to save time.

Enter your Surname

The next stage is to enter your surname as indicated on your Ghana Card. Make sure to enter it as it is.


Enter your First Name(s)

You are required to enter your first name(s). If you have a middle name, we advise you enter your first name; which is commonly known as your English name first and add the middle name(s) as indicated in the screenshot below.


Enter Date of Birth (Format: DDMMYYYY)

Enter your date of birth. Use the format indicated above. Eg: If you were born on 25th December, 2000. That will 25(Day) 12(Month) 2000(Year). It will look like; 25122000.

Select your Gender

Select your gender. There are two options; Male and Female. Kindly choose in accordance with your sexual orientation.

Confirm Details

Confirm all your details as entered accordingly, if you’ve made mistakes, you can go back and start process all over again.

Submit Details Provided After Confirmation

After confirming that all your details are entered correctly, you can press send or submit to successfully link your Ghana Card to your SIM Card.

Congratulation!!. You have successfully registered your SIM Card with the Ghana Card.

The next stage on how to register your SIM Card with Ghana Card, which is the Stage 2 of the registration process, would be completed at the service provider’s office.

The stage two involves the capturing of your fingerprints and capturing of your passport picture for your biodata.


Below are some frequently asked questions about Ghana Card and SIM Registration;

Can I use Ghana card to register my SIM card?

Only the National ID card, the Ghana card, issued to an individual shall be used for registration of SIM cards of citizens, foreign residents in Ghana and foreigners staying in Ghana for more than 90 days.

Can I use Ghana card to register MTN SIM?

A Citizen Ghana card for Ghanaians or Non-Citizen Ghana Card for foreigners must be acquired to register for Ghana Card.

How many SIM cards can you register with the Ghana card?

Individuals can register a total number of 10 SIM Cards across all networks, and Foreigners will have a limit of 3 SIM Cards across all networks. No one should think that they can hide behind Businesses and register as many SIM Cards as they want.


Registering your SIM Card with Ghana is not as difficult as it may seem. You just have to follow our detailed guide above.

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