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Easy Guide: How To Calculate GPA In Ghana


Grade Point Average (GPA) is used to measure students’ performance in higher institutions, and it is a single number representing the entire academic performance of a student.

In Ghana, GPA is usually on a scale of 1.0 to 4.0, and it is calculated on a semesterly basis. Just as lecturers give grades to evaluate a student’s performance in a course, GPA is used to evaluate a student’s success in the entire degree programme.

The grading system puts students into different class categories: first class, second class (lower class and upper-class division), third class, and pass. 

To calculate the GPA of a student’s, we first have to understand specific terminologies.

1. Cumulative Credits Taken (CCT): This is the sum of all the credit hours taken in a course. If a student studies six courses in a semester with three credit hours for each course, CCT will be equal to 18.

2. Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA): This is the sum of the grade points divided by all the credit hours from level 100 to level 400.

3. CCP: This is the sum of all the credit hours of a course that a student has passed. This means that if a student had grades E and F, they are not included in the CCP calculation since they are failed courses.

4. Final Grade Point Average (FGPA): This will determine the class of degree a student will be graduating with.

Now let’s get into the calculations.

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How To Calculate GPA In Ghana

Below are the step-by-step guide to calculate your GPA in Ghana;

Assuming this is the transcript of a student of the University of Ghana.


1 3 B+ 10.5

2 2 A 8

3 2 B+ 7

4 3 A 12

5 3 A 12

6 3 C 6

GPA, therefore, would be equal to the total GPT divided by the total credit hours


= 3.46

Final Grade Point Average is when the GPA for all the various levels are calculated. Every course a student had to take re-sit for is calculated as many times as it is taken.

If a student writes a re-sit for a course three times and passes on the third try, all will be calculated with their credits and GPTs.

There’s a weighting of 1:1:2:2 assigned to all the levels, meaning level 100 weights 1, level 200 has a weight of 1, level 300 has a weight of 2, and level 400 has a weight of two as well.

Assuming the GPA for a student at the various levels are as follows:

Level 100……..3.46

Level 200……..3.50

Level 300……..2.70

Level 400……..3.20

The FGPA of the student will be calculated as follows:

Level 100= 3.46×1/6


Level 200=3.50×1/6


Level 300=2.70×2/6


Level 400=3.20×2/6


FGPA there would be:



This means that the student would be graduating with a second class degree(upper division).

Below is the degree classification of the University of Ghana


Second class(upper)……3.00-3.59

Second class (lower)…..2.00-2.99

Third class………………1.50-1.99


Fail (no award)…………0.00-0.99

With the information provided, it should be straightforward to calculate your GPA independently.


Presented above is how to calculate GPA in Ghana.

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