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Easy Guide: How To Fill GETFund Foreign Scholarship Online Form 2022


In this article, we are going to explain all you need to know about how to fill the GETFund Foreign Scholarship online form.

The Ghana Education Trust Fund for the first time, this year, accepted applications for Foreign Scholarship online. Before that, all foreign scholarship applications were sent to the reception of the office for further processing.

To some applicants who have reached out to us so far, there have been some challenges with;

1. Locating the E-mail GETFund sent to applicants to continue the application process.

2. Accessing their dashboard and filling in the required details.

3. Controversies over whether their application has been sent successfully or otherwise since there is no notice that indicate successful submission of application.

In this comprehensive article, we will walk applicants through the above and answer some frequently asked questions about the GETFund online applications throughout.

Where to access the GETFund Tracker Email Address?

The Ghana Education Trust Fund sent an e-mail to all applicants to access and continue with the application process. For some, the message landed in their primary mailbox but most people have indicated the message landed in their spam message.

We will advise applicants to check their spam messages if they have not been seen the message in their primary messages. The message contains system-generated credentials that would be used to access the dashboard. There’s a link to the dashboard in a hypertext format that would lead you to the login interface.

NB: If your hypertext has no link, Kindly call the office to report for a new link. 

What next after seeing the message?

Use your credentials; username which is the e-mail address you provided in the first stage of the application process and a unique password generated with your surname + some numbers to log in.

If you want to change your password, there is a Reset Password Option that you can switch on to change the system generated password. The Reset Password Option is automatically turned off so you have to switch it on to change the password.

NB: If you have no issues with your password, we advise that you maintain the system-generated password.

What do you see after logging in to the dashboard?

When you log in successfully, on your left side, you will see Dashboard, Document Tracking with a subfolder (Scholarship Registry) which has Registration and Document Upload as Pop-Up Menu.

Kindly be informed that the parts you are going to work on are the Registration Part and the Documents Upload part under the Scholarship Registry.

There is nothing to worry about the ‘configuration’ part.

What’s in at the Registration Section?

The registration section has from Section A to Section G.

Let’s go through it together.

Section A

User ID.

The user ID is system-generated so you will see a number there already. Almost all the Section A information are imported from the details you input in the first stage of the application process. That’s to say it was taken from the biodata section of that application form so there’s no much work to do here. Good?

Section B

Section b has your date of birth, Gender, Proof of Nationality and the ID number of your proof of Nationality . Like section A, this is also imported from the first data. Please check if your date of birth is correctly presented. If not, click on it and use the calendar to set your date of birth. Don’t input it. Use the Calendar. If any other thing has changed, please fill it. Make sure to use the proof of nationality you used for the first application if it is not there.

Section C

Section C has your E-mail address which is also automatically imported. If yours does not show, please input it there. It also has your mobile phone number, National Service Scheme Number and Highest Level of education. Just fill it in accordingly.

NB: if you are a current service personnel, you may  request for attestation letter from your District NSS office for this purpose since your NSS Certificate is not yet ready.

Section D

Section D has your highest level of education which is migrated automatically from your previous application. Class( First Class, Second Class Upper, Second Class Lower, Third Class, Pass etc) and your grade point.

If your school uses, GPA, input it there, if it’s CWA too, put it there. Foreign Scholarship type. If you are applying for a Masters program, just select Masters,  if it’s an Undergraduate(Medical Sciences Only) too, select that.

Section E

Section E has the name of the school you are applying to, the Country of the school,  programme of study and the program category (HM/STEM). These are all imported from the first data but should it happen that yours is not there, please fill it accordingly.

Section F

Section F has the academic year you intend to study. It’s a drop-down menu so you can select your academic year from the options. For example, if you are starting your program in 2022, select 2022/2022 from the drop-down menu. If you are a continuing student, just select the year you had the admission from the drop-down menu.

For the course duration, enter the years in months. For example, if your program is one year program, enter 12 representing 12-Months if it’s a 2-year program, enter 24 representing 24 Months. For the Term or Semester part, just enter 1 to represent semester 1. Type of support you need. For this part, just tick accordingly. Tick if you want your Tuition fees to be catered for, Stipends, Accommodation and Airfare etc.

NB: At where there are tuition fees, just enter the tuition fees as indicated on your admission letter. Enter only the figures. This and the ‘Any Other’ section are the only editable parts here. The rest are not so don’t worry about that.

Section G

Section G has your fee currency which is imported from your first application data. If it’s not there, there is a drop-down menu you can select from.

Tuition fees. For this editable part, re-enter your tuition fees in figures as you did in Section F. If you have any other info, you can put it in the ‘Other Info’ section.

NB: When you scroll down, you should see three buttons ( Refresh, Save and Collapse All)

If your desktop resolution is large, you may not see these options. Press (Ctrl – ) to reduce the screen resolution till you can see these buttons. If it persists, we advise that you use a different laptop or desktop to try.

Use the Save button to save all the information you have provided else you will lose them when you refresh the page or log out and log in again. You can use the Collapse All button to delete all the Section Parts. Make sure you save it.

Documents Upload Section

After saving it, move to the Document Upload Section. This is where you are going to upload your;

1. Application for scholarship Letter
2. Proof of Nationality
3. Admission Letter
4. Fee Schedule
5. Curriculum Vitae
6. Previous Academic Certificates
7. Previous Transcripts
8. National Service Certificate
9. Passport Picture

Quick tips about this part.

Please pay attention to the following;

1. Make sure the documents you are about uploading are in either Pdf, PNG or JPEG format.

2. Make sure the sizes are equivalent to the maximum document sizes you can upload there.

3. If your document size is larger than that, there are online file compressing tools like Small Pdf that you can use to compress the sizes of your documents. Try compressing the size until you can upload and preview it.

4. Use the ”+” sign to upload a document and use the ”×” sign to delete a document you have uploaded.

5. The numbers you see assigned to these files are the maximum number of files you can upload there. You will see that there’s 1 for all except ‘Previous Academic Certificates’ which has 4. This means that you can upload up to 4 of your previous academic certificate.

6. Use the file-like yellow icon to preview the document. When you hover the mouse cursor on that icon, you should see ‘Click to view selected document’. Click on it to preview your uploaded document.

NB: For this part, there is no Save or Submit button because it’s a live feed. Once you can upload and preview your document, it means it has been sent successfully.

That’s all. Shortlisted applicants would be called for an interview.

Have more questions? Leave them in the comment section quick answers.


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