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How To Apply For GETFund Scholarship In Ghana 2021

GETFund Foreign Scholarship

In today’s post, we are going to be discussing how to apply for GETFund Scholarship in Ghana. This is a great resource you need to successfully apply for the GETFund Scholarship.

The GETFund Scholarship is available for Ghanaian students that are in pursuit of their undergraduate and graduate programs across Ghanaian Universities and Universities abroad.

Kindly go through the scholarship needs and requirements to qualify for this opportunity you have been looking for to move your career to the next level. Success Africa Media Group team has arranged all the details you need to win the GETFund Scholarship. Hurry and apply right now!

About GETFund

The Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFund) is a public trust set up by an Act of Parliament in the year 2000. Its core mandate is to provide funding to supplement government efforts for the provision of educational infrastructure and facilities within the public sector from the pre-tertiary to the tertiary level.

The Government sees the release of GETFund. And the Ghana stock exchange secretariat stands to receive it. Furthermore, they later oversee redistribution. This is to help students who need it the most.

Before we continue, you may want to check our post on GETFund Foreign Application for the current academic year.

GETFund scholarships support students in High Schools. Also, it supports those in university. This is by paying their tuition fees. And also by supplementing the education sector with educational resources.

Level/Field of Study of the Scholarship

GETFUND is available for masters and Undergraduate students. This is to help them pursue a degree. Also, this could be in any field of study at a foreign university. And, the scholarship is open to all graduates with a first degree, which is for Master’s students. GETFund sponsors a foreign Master’s programme only. PhD Candidates pursuing degrees in foreign universities are not eligible.

GETFund Scholarships Eligibility

Every Ghanaian who holds a first degree is eligible to apply.

However, all prospective applicants/ students would be expected to meet other basic requirements to be considered for the Ghana Education Trust Fund Scholarships.


How to Apply for GETFund Scholarship In Ghana

Other requirements for the GETFUND scholarship in Ghana for  2021 are:

  1. Application letter
  2. Proof of Nationality
  3. Copy of Admission letter to the foreign school you intend to attend. (For Foreign Masters Student)
  4. Fee Schedule from the school.
  5. Copy of Curriculum Vitae
  6. Copy of 1st-degree certificate from the university you attended (For Masters and PhD Students Only)
  7. Copy of the previous transcript from the university you attended which should be duly endorsed by the school as a true copy. (For Masters and PhD Students Only)
  8. Copy of National Service Certificate you were issued after completing the service. (For Masters and PhD Students Only)

How To Apply For GETFund Foreign Scholarship Online

  • All Applicants are required to visit the links to complete an online application form. You can use this link to access the page.
  • Applicant is required to select the link to entry form by selecting the Country of institution of the applicant
  • Applicant shall complete the online form for preliminary vetting and shortlisting
  • Applicant will be contacted if shortlisted after preliminary vetting
  • Shortlisted Applicants shall be required to submit scanned copies of supporting documentation for verification
  • Shortlisted applicants will be invited for Interviews on their submitted application

Additional Requirements for GETFund Scholarships

To avoid any challenges regarding the use of the mail system, the scholarship secretariat requires that all applications should be submitted at the reception of the GETFund for processing.

Applications should be addressed below:

The Administrator
GET Fund
P. Box MB, 254

Note that, the selection process is rigorous and the scholarship is competitive hence provide all the necessary details as required and follow laid down processes to stand a better chance of selection. For further explanation regarding requirements 1-8, kindly get in touch with the Ghana Education Trust Fund (GETFUND).

Opening Dates and Closing Dates For The GETFund Scholarship

The first thing to know before knowing how to apply for the GETFund Scholarship is to be aware of the dates they open and close for applications.

The GETFund Scholarship is normally opened for Local Applicants in August each year. Note that this is subject to decisions by Management.

The secretariate also receives applications for local applicants in April or May of each year. This is also subject to decisions by the management of the trust.

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