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End SARS In Nigeria : What We Know So Far

End SARS In Nigeria: What We Know So Far

It is popular now than ever after a little peace from the global pandemic outbreak. It has its roots in Africa and the Western part to be precise.

Wake up every morning with our hearts filled with sorrow and fear due to how disheartening it is in the news and the internet. What am I referring to here?

SARS!!! The decentralized social movement of the Nigeria Police Force under the State Criminal Investigation and Intelligence Department (SCIID).

The Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), a controversial unit that has been documented for numerous cases of abuse and extrajudicial killings.

The protest to end this started in 2017 as a Twitter campaign using the hashtag ENDSARS to demand the Nigerian government eliminate the force. But it looks unending. Is it because it is;

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Is it that this police unit derives pleasure through cruelty or pain to others. Young people are been brutalized and harassed on the streets of Nigeria.

From findings, SARS torture people mercilessly, extort, beat, kill and jail people who are not forthcoming with their demands. Most rich men and other influential people have now employed SARS as their bodyguard to fight their opponents.

As a way for this police unit to fill their pockets with their demand, they humiliate people even though they are depriving them of their civic rights and now look at what they are putting the labor force and active population through.

It is now a different story to even step out of your comfort zone into the streets of Nigeria to make a living. Why is that so?


It is so because of how abusive and awkward SARS is. Yes, we can admit that since the existence of SARS there is a reduction in robbery and kidnapping to an extent but research informs us that most of them lack orientation on human relation which is a big gap the Nigeria Police Force need to cover by reorienting them.

So if they lack training and orientation why they are so abusive to the extent of assaulting, harassing and torturing citizens which eventually has caused tension in the States of Nigeria.

Africa has been tangled in the wings of these Whites over 100 years ago even before colonization and we still put ourselves in this fire. Is this what we toiled our blood to have liberation from the Whites?


It is a Yes and No since our African leaders still watch this unending torture befall our people and jeopardize our good fortune as a country and a continent as a whole.

Where are the United Nations, the ECOWAS, and other International communities? As part of the online protest, young people step out to protest on the streets to bring an end to these threats but what do we see.

These ruthless people keep on shooting and kill young people amid the protest which is not supposed to be so.

Take a look at Lekki State. Just look at Edo State. SARS is not fair.


Fairness is not a virtue portrayed here as arsonists, hoodlums and anarchists continue to hide under the ENDSARS protest to unleashed mayhem on the state and wantonly disrupt citizen’s lives and properties. Citizens trying to emancipate themselves from this SARS daring threats but do we experience now.

It gets more scary day in and day out as curfews are placed on various States but the tension keeps on rising. Neighboring countries also panic looking at videos and pictures from the inner courts of Nigeria.

It’s pathetic to see Nigeria bleed this way. Let’s end SARS now.

From study and research recommendations were made to control the occurrence of this havoc. SARS should be stopped from torturing people.

They should equally be stopped from beating and killing and framing people up just to be jailed. Investigative jobs that of SARS should be exclusively for graduates in the Police service and also reorient these officers on human relations.

Officers caught drinking or smoking on duty should be properly dealt with to serve as a deterrent to others. Let’s also in power as citizens to stay safe from all brutal acts and also avoid causing maybe all in the name of ENDSARS protest.

SARS is SADIST, SARS is ABUSIVE and APPALLING, SARS is RUTHLESS, SARS is SCARY. Free us now. No place like home. Africa is our only home. RIP to all lost souls. Together we move. Let’s pray for Nigeria



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