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KNUST: In Case You Have Lost Your Serial Number And Cannot Check Your Admission Status, Here Is What To Do


The provisional admission list is out and you want to know if you have gained admission into this prestigious tertiary establishment to further your education.

However, you can’t access the academic portal because you have misplaced your serial number and PIN.

Just chill, all is not lost there are various ways of tackling the issue if you find yourself in this situation.

First of all, you have to check if your name is on the provisional admission list to know if you actually got admission.

If your name appears there, congratulations and welcome to this great university.

You can do this by using this link https://apps.knust.edu.gh/admissions/check

The next thing is, in the column right before your name you will see your Applicant ID number.

That number is very important because it identifies you as an applicant to the University.

Keep that number handy and then you go on to contact the Deputy Registrar’s office to assist you.

Here are the various ways of contacting them:

Tel: +233-3220-60444


Fax: +233-3220-60137

Email: admissions@knust.edu.gh

We are looking forward to having you guys here with us.

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