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How To Subscribe To The MTN Zone Bundle


MTN Zone Bundle or snapi Bundle is a new concept of acquiring data with relatively minimal airtime compared to their typical data packages. It could be linked to MTN Zone (a former name for what is now known as MTN Free After 1).

This data bundle includes a minimum of 1 GB of data and a maximum of 5 GB of data at a cost of 0.50GHC to 3GHC.

This data package, we have observed, has been changing in price, as the first person who drew our attention to this claimed to have got 1 GB at 0.50GHC (50 pesewas). But at the time we checked, it was 1GHC for the same data package. Some also say it is per your geographical location.

Now let’s get to how you can subscribe and enjoy this offer too.

How To Subscribe To The MTN Zone Bundle / Snapi Bundle

To subscribe and enjoy the MTN Zone Bundle, make sure you are subscribed to the MTN Zone (free after 1). Make sure there is some amount of airtime worth the bundle you will be going in for. Follow the steps to subscribe to the MTN Zone bundle;

  • Dial the short code *135*55*1# to check if you are qualified and which offers are presented to you.
  • Select the option you can afford if it is made available to you by entering the number of the option.
  • And the final step will be notified via SMS that, you have received the package. Voila!! You are good to go.

MTN Zone Bundle Available Packages 

1GB24 hours1.50
2GB24 hours2.39
5GB24 hours3

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If you are on “free beyond one“, your free beyond one subscription will be automatically deactivated once you sign up for this option.

The reason is that you cannot be on “free beyond one” and “MTN zone” at the same time.

The two are mutually exclusive.


This article highlighted how to subscribe to the MTN Zone Bundle. Go ahead and activate the zone bundle and enjoy all the goodies in stock for you.

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