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Stand for a cause, write your story!


A chunk of people of blessed memory lived amazing lives here on earth. Many were great warriors who won several battles with their people, brave iconic figures, influential leaders, intelligent thinkers, smart and artistic, full of creativity, imagination, innovation, et cetera. As much as many lived their lives anyhow without any sense of urgency and decorum and, hence, made no impact on humanity, many also made enviable contributions and have had great impact on humanity.

Unfortunately, most of them didn’t write down their own life stories. We lost the opportunity to learn from their rich lives. We lost the chance to get to know the key to their successes as well as learn from their mistakes. Others who tried writing about them distorted the facts, the true life experiences, the genuine mistakes, and presented half-truths and half lies to us. In the end, we can’t learn as much as we should have learned from these wonderful people. How sad!

When you read about people’s lives, works, contributions, roles they’ve played in diverse ways in diverse fields of specialization to bring the world to its current beautiful amazing state, you will have no option than to be inspired, challenged, energized to contribute your quota in any small way you can in your field of expertise to make the world better than you met it. Whatever we choose to do with our lives is no one’s business but for the sake of posterity, choose to stand for a cause, a cause worth dying for, a cause worthy of emulation.

Whatever knowledge you’ve gained or are yet to gain has been made possible by another person like your type. Someday, let it be said that you also walked the surface of the earth, and that during your time, you stood for a worthy cause that benefited God and humanity. Let your life inspire your generation and generations after you. Choose to live beyond your time and era, choose to remain an unquestionable voice even in death.

It’s a conscious decision needed to be taken. It’s a decision that needs prompt action, unwavering passion, heavy heart and great mind to back it. It’s a sacrificial, dedicated, committed path needed to be towed by people who want to leave indelible marks in the soil of history. Make it possible for people who will never have any opportunity to meet you in person learn something from you that will benefit them, their household, family, country and generation. Let someone somewhere someday be happy that your mother gave birth to you.

You know what? No matter how small, unimportant, insignificant you think your life is, someone needs volumes of lessons from your life story. Don’t deny them the opportunity. Again I urge you, Start writing!

The writer Edward Etse Aloryito is an author, analyst and a speaker.

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