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An SRC with a noble cause


A Students’ Representative Council represents students’ interest in the government of a university, school or any other educational institution.

It’s one thing to represent the students’ interest and another to make those interests heard and seen to. It depends on the SRC executives in power to make a choice for one or all.

The SRC KNUST chapter was viewed as ineffective due to their inability to represent the student body in matters which recently arised, students of KNUST lost faith in the executive body they voted for deeming them Inefficient.

Students cried and pleaded with their executives to rise up and fight on their behalf but yet received no response from the SRC, therefore, they took matters into their hands and decided to fight for themselves but to no avail,what was achieved was rather respect and admiration from their fellow students and past students of the school as well as parents.

They sought to not depend on the SRC since they seemed uninterested in the battle they were fighting, they wanted their leadership to take a stand in matters prevailing in the university including the mix hall saga,consolidation of funds and in matters that was beyond them but still resorted to fight for what was right.

Unknown to these students the SRC was fighting a battle which was beyond them and the student body, a cause for the students voice to be heard above autocracy, a cause for the grievances of the students to be heard, a cause for the students pleas, questions and accusations to be answered.

The SRC was fighting a battle which could be compared to that of David and Goliath and needed a God to make their cause a real deal.

Then came the brutality, It was a time the students needed the SRC most, fustrated with not being heard and not getting the chance to voice out their cause properly,the SRC took a stand, a stand for those they are representing to be heard, a stand for democracy, a stand for fairness, a stand for justice and a stand for peace.

The SRC made a bold attempt to fight for and with the students against autocracy, against what was wrong, the chance that they could be hurt, suspended or rusticated was never a fear for them, they wanted what was right and that was what motivated them the most, they wanted what was best for the entire student body.
They are now referred as an SRC which has fulfilled it purpose.

When the students thought all was lost their hero or saviour as they refer to him now(Kelvin Uriel Sah) the president of the SRC and his fellow executives were there to walk with them.

A walk for what was right and a walk of Democracy, A walk to help them get heard, A walk for the entire student and outsiders to know what was going on, a walk of truth, a walk for the students and a walk with a cause.

It was a just walk which ended unjustly, but anyways we say kudos to the SRC for their noble cause and Ayekoo for being there for the students when needed.

Well written by Justine Acheampong / Successafrica.Info

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