The KNUST Students’ Representative Council is the utmost advocative and legal body through which students can channel their sentiments. It is believed that, the SRC is the only body the Administration deals with as far as students issues are concerned.

One cannot just go to the school’s administration and sit with the Vice- Chancellor to air their problem, BUT, through the SRC, it is believed that the administration would definitely hear. This is one of the very reasons why we have a representative on the University Council, who’s a student [SRC President].

The DUTY BOUND administration led by Master Adu-Baah Charles Junior, in his campaign period [2019] really stressed that he’d see to it that, hostel accommodation prices will go down when he’s elected into office as the President of KNUST SRC. Fortunately, he has the power now.

Last year, students really cried, the rate at which the prices of hostels did rise was extremely pathetic! Some hostels increased the price of their hostels by over ¢500. Thus, if 2018 saw prices pegged at 2500 cedis per person, the following year, 2019, consequently saw an increment to 3000 cedis and even more. Unfortunately, the increment in fees didnt reflect in their hostel’s facilities’ uplift as regards security personnel, water supply, fixing of faulty gadgets etc.

My concern now is not on security, but on the prices of the hostels and I want to use this medium to make the SRC and the DUTY BOUND missionary know that, we have keen interest in that policy of ensuring that hostel prices are reduced so that the ordinary student will not suffer to get accommodation. To some students, the increment wouldnt be a bother. However, just as all fingers are not equal though they belong to the same hand, we should consider the majority of the school’s populace who are located off-campus, not leaving those residing at ~GUSS~ Hostels. The disparity in the wealth distribution of this nation places the sons and daughters of a chacoal seller on a disadvantaged position. Would such less endowed students resort to perching all in the name of High Cost of Accommodation?

Mr President, it’s early February, hostel prices will come soon, what measures have you taken to ensure that, the prices of these hostels would not rise unfairly as it did last year? Or you’re waiting for the prices of these hostels to come out so students start to cry and make noise before you take a step?

I write this to remind you of your promise made during your campaign era to ensure gross reduction of hostel and accommodation fees on and off-campus. Come what may, students vouch to stand by a pragmatic, proactive and prudent SRC in combatting this issue.

I humbly suggest that prudent steps be taken to alleviate this issue such as accessing and reviewing all hostels’ prices before further execution and publication.

Let’s endeavour to walk the talk as a DUTY BOUND SRC and not one on its knees ready to kowtow to hostel managers.

Kindly, collaborate with the Administration of KNUST and all stakeholders to ensure the common good of KNUST Society.

My name is Kwame AMOAKO-GYAMPA, an obvious 4th year student of KNUST. Greetings to  Fiakpornu Kwaku Saviour [Payac], He really wants to be a Teaching Assistant but… Maybe, Amoh Richard [KNUST SRC PRO] and Isaac Kwaku Bawuah [Teaching Assistant at KSB] can continue from the ‘but’. Hello PY Ackaah Gyasi.
Meanwhile, let’s connect for the future!