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How To Book A Private Hostel In KNUST

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In this article, we are sharing how to book a private hostel in KNUST without facing any challenges.

We understand the frustration of accommodation booking at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology. This is because of the vast number of students against the hostels available to accommodate them.

Unlike the University of Ghana, the KNUST practice the In-out-out-out accommodation policy; that is, the university only reserves accommodation for its fresh students – continuing students are expected to make their accommodation arrangements. The traditional halls cannot accommodate more than 15,000 students, which is another challenge we will address in one of our future posts.

As a result of this accommodation deficit, it is imperative to book for your hostel right after paying your academic fees and residential fees. The university has made arrangements with hostels around KNUST to help accommodate fresh students who do not get a place in any of its traditional halls.

If you are a fresh student or a continuing student, this post will successfully guide you through booking a private hostel in KNUST.

The private hostel in this post contest is a facility not owned or controlled by the university management.

The university has its private hostels, i.e., the SRC Hostel and the Postgraduate Hostel. There is also the GUSSS hostels that include Hall 7 and the Brunei hostels.

Freshers who do not get any of the traditional halls are encouraged to use the steps below to book a private hostel in KNUST.


 How To Book A Private Hostel In KNUST 

Below is the step-by-step guide to booking a private hostel in KNUST

  1. Log in to the accommodation website [https://accommodation.knust.edu.gh/] and enter your login details (Student ID and PIN)
  2. Scroll down and click on the blue link that says “click here to book for a private hostel if interested.”
  3. A list of hostels will appear with locations and distances from campus; select one of them.
  4. On the right side, after the next page pops up, click on “Book Now” if satisfied with the details of the hostel.
  5. Fill in the “Book Your Room Now” form and click on “Individual Booking” to proceed.
  6. A list of available rooms with their floors, number of occupants and hostel prices will be shown next, and you can select a room number.
  7. Part of your admission details will populate the form. Fill in the rest of the required information in the form and upload your picture.
  8. Click the Checkbox in front of “I agree to the booking terms and conditions” and click on “Book Now.”
  9. You can download your booking details and print the booking details. Please take it to any CAL BANK branch to make payment (don’t forget to make photocopies of the booking details)
  10. Keep your slip safely and present it to the hostel on the day of reporting.

Note: you can log in to the system again using your Email Address together with the password you chose/used for the hostel booking form.

Call +233 24 769 9642 For More Info On Processes

Booking A Private Hostel In KNUST As A Continuing Student

As a continuing student, the process of booking a private hostel in KNUST is a bit different from that of the freshers. Because of the university’s accommodation policy, you are expected to book a place yourself after your first year in the hall.

If you got accommodation in the private hostel from the first year, you could arrange with the hostel’s management for the subsequent academic year. If you reach terms, you have to pay the required hostel fees for the year.

As we indicated earlier, aside from the traditional halls, there is the SRC hostel and the GUSSS hostels.

This article has indicated how to book for the SRC hostel. Should you not get the SRC hostel tool, you can also monitor the GUSSS hostel’s opening dates to try that.

If, after exhausting all the provisions in this post, and you still have challenges with accommodation, you can check our article on the list of hostels around KNUST to make arrangements with its management.


Booking a hostel should be very easy, considering the stress alone our studies bring. This article highlighted how to book a private hostel in KNUST to have a stress-free academic year.

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