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How To Correct Wrong Date of Birth On Your WAEC Certificate


If you are here reading this article, we believe you have issues with the date of birth on your WAEC Certificate. We understand how frustrating that can be to you.

In this post, we are going to share with you how to correct the wrong date of birth on your WAEC certificate.

Reason For Correction Of Date Of Birth

There may be not any other reason for making corrections to your date of birth, either there was an error on your side when applying for the birth certificate or the part of the registrar during the data entry.

Affidavit For WAEC Date Of Birth

An affidavit can be obtained from any competent court or commissioner to enable you to file an application for a change of date of birth as indicated on your certificate.

Can I Change My WAEC Date Of Birth Online

There’s currently no opportunity to change your date of birth online in Ghana. Applicants who want to change any details on their certificate are advised to visit their local WAEC branch office.

How To Correct Wrong Date of Birth On Your WAEC Certificate

To correct wrong date of birth on your WAEC Certificate, submit an attestation letter, correction letter, original birth certificate, WAEC result, affidavit and an amount of GH₵ 149.48 to WAEC for the changes to be made. 

It must be worth noting that the West African Examinations Council has said correction of errors in a candidate’s name is possible before or after the release of the results of an exam, but a change of date of birth after the release of a WAEC result is not possible.

Due to the increase in cases of candidates falsifying their ages for some reason to suit their interests, WAEC has temporarily suspended this service.

Candidates who recently got their results released can make corrections to their certificates by providing the documents below;

Requirements for correction of name and date of birth on WAEC certificate

  1. Attestation Letter (This letter must be provided by the school to show that you were still a student there)
  2. Correction Letter (The correction letter is to state the errors found in the WAEC result or certificate, please kindly make sure you admit the mistakes been made)
  3. Birth Certificate (This birth certificate must be the original one)
  4. WAEC Result or Certificate (The one with the error on it)
  5. Affidavit (Be it for correction of name or date of birth depending on your case)
  6. School Register (This is for graduates, you must present your school register showing you were among those who graduated from your institution)
  7. A cash amount of GH₵ 149.48 for name correction or date of birth correction. (We don’t know if the price has been reduced or increased).

Once you have made all the above documents ready, you can visit any of the WAEC zonal offices to start the process.

The process is expected to last for3-6 months once the payment has been made and the receipt has been issued.

WAEC will contact you once your new certificate is ready for pick-up in person or ready for download online.


This article discussed everything you needed to know about how to correct wrong date of birth on your WAEC certificate.

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