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How To Know Your GPS Address – Find Your Home Address


How to know your GPS address? This comprehensive guide shows you how to find and locate your GPS address in Ghana.

Ghana Post GPS is a global addressing system, which divides Ghana into grids of 5m × 5m squares and assigns each one a unique address, known as a digital address. With this system, every land and property gets a permanent address.

Ghana Post GPS is Ghana’s official digital property addressing system, which covers every inch of the country and ensures that all locations in the country are addressed. With Ghana Post GPS, every location has a unique digital address.

In this guide, we will show you the simple ways to know your GPS address.

Why The Ghana Post GPS Address Is Important

Ghana Post GPS app comes with an innovative value – panic buttons. The buttons help in easy communication with the Police, Fire, and Ambulance services in the event of imminent danger.

It gives just-in-time location information to the providers of the services. Ghana Post and its telecommunication partners are poised to help in resourcing the emergency service providers to respond timely to distress calls that hit their devices with digital addresses for easy location.


How To Know Your GPS Address

Steps to generate your digital code:

  1. Go to the Google Play Store or app store using your smartphone
  2. Once you have the App downloaded on your phone, generating your address is easy.
  3. Ensure your phone’s location button is turned on.
  4. Open the GhanaPost GPS app
  5. Stand at the gate of your property and click on the “get address” button. Your unique address will appear next to the Digital address, for example, Digital Address: GA-543-0125.

How do I find my GPS Address?

  1. Download the GPS App on your phone
  2. Ensure your phone’s location button is turned on
  3. Open the GhanaPost GPS app and click on the button
  4. Generate your address is easy
  5. Your unique address will appear next to the Digital address, (Postal Address with an example: GA-543-0125).

Note: Ghana’s postal codes are alphanumeric. The first two characters form the postcode district – the first letter represents the region, and the second character represents the district in which the address is located.

The next three to five digits (not shown in this table) represent the postcode area and identify a more precise location within a 5-meter square area.

Download The GhanaPost GPS App

If you want to download the Ghana Post GPS, you can download the app here if you are an android user. Apple users can visit the Apple Store to download it now.


In conclusion, this guide has detailed everything you needed to know about getting your GPS address.

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