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High School Debate: T.I Amass, K’si Beats Adventist Girls’ SHS to qualify to next Stage After a highly Competitive Contest


Four smart young ladies left crowd at the Luv FM High School Debate in wonder as they advance arguments for and against the recently presented double-track system at second cycle institutions.

Rebecca Adu-Gyimah and Priscilla Amponsah of Adventist Senior High School, joined Asakia Hawaw Hanan and Huda Abdul Karim to give a lift to rising female strength in the opposition.

The motion was “The Double Track System is a Threat to Good Quality Education.”

With unquestionable references to help their arguments, both sides gave some sustenance to thought for strategy producers and implementers. Adventist Girls S.H.S. who represented the motion was of the view that the double-truck system accompanies a decrease in the quantity of showing days from 180 to 162 for students, and an uneven dissemination of experienced teachers.

The school’s two female contenders likewise refered to absence of a corresponding measure of assets to expanding enrolment and expanded number of day students regardless of the separation between students’ home and their schools.

Rebecca and Priscilla also think lack of proper planning has left many schools in a confused state on how to manage the Green and Gold tracks.

T.I. Ahmadiyya S.H.S., then again, contended that the framework has facilitated clog other than making more space for significantly more Ghanaians to approach second-cycle education.

They additionally demonstrated the double- track guarantees greatest utilization of school assets, lessens educator weariness because of the 40-day rest.

Other than the vacation period that each track manages, it likewise empowers specialized students, particularly, to be connected to Industry for pragmatic preparing.

In the nearest challenge up until this point, T.I Ahmadiyya advanced to the next stage, beating Adventist Girls by 235 points to 230.

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