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Kumasi Girls’ SHS Rape Case:Girls Accuse Teacher’s ex Lover of Sabotage,says Teacher was Victim’s Boyfriend


Interesting revelations coming from Kumasi Girls Senior High School concerning the accusation of a Teacher of raping  a student has it that the teacher ,Mr Mathew Asante Darko was being sabotaged by his ex lover and Colleague teacher,for dumping her for a student.

According to follow up investigations conducted by the Press Media, Students at  the Kumasi Girls Senior High School in the Ashanti region have express their concern about the allegation against the Visual Arts teacher Mr. Mathew Asante-Darko who was allegedly named as a rapist of a student at the school in the Ashanti region.

The students reveal that, the teacher, Mr. Mathew Asante-Darko was dating one of his colleague teachers, in the school but broke-up few months ago before taking the student as his new girlfriend and since she found out about the student and Mr. Asante’s  relationship,the student became an enemy to the teacher whose name has not been mentioned for security reasons.

According to information, the students stated  that, “the EX girlfriend to Mr. Mathew Asnte-Darko is the right person who reported the case to the GES Disciplinary Committee “.

Allegation against Mr Mathew Asante Darko

Mr. Asante-Darko, is alleged to have drugged his victim entrusted to his care by the parents.The student allegedly woke up to see the teacher having sex with her.

She is alleged to have reported the incident first to another teacher on campus.That teacher then confronted the teacher who allegedly raped the female student, but he denied the allegation.Parents of the victim then lodged a complaint to the police.

Mr. Asante-Darko was picked up by the police when the school’s board was meeting over the matter.

GES Disciplinary Committee

Mrs. Mary Owusu-Achiaw told Nhyira News the affected teachers will soon appear before the committee to respond to the charges brought against them.

According to her, the Directorate will get to the bottom of the allegation and apply sanctions if they are found to have misconducted themselves.

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