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A/R tops corruption in Education and Health – Report



Damning statistics have revealed that the Ashanti region tops in corruption in the Education and Health sectors with 74% and approximately 44% respectively.

The statistics shown by SEND Ghana revealed that the Ashanti region tops all other regions in terms of paying bribe to access basic needs like education and health.

Country Director for SEND Ghana, George Osei Bimpeh, made this known when he was speaking at a multi-stakeholder dialogue on corruption organized by the Ghana Integrity Initiative in Accra

He said, according to the report, the recorded 74% of people admitted they have experienced bribery in order to access education.

Approximately 44 percent of people recorded also admitted experiencing bribery in the health sector.

The Western region, however, recorded the lowest in corruption cases in these two sectors.

“There must be something unique about the western region, for its citizens being the lowest in experiencing the situations which they have to pay money to access services in the health and education sectors. So we must go to the western region and find out what is unique about that region,” Mr. Obimpeh said.

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