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7 Reasons Why A Broke Guy Must Not Date on Campus

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Dear Success Africans, we found this for you…

This is just advice from a guy who has tasted both sides and found that a broke guy who is in a relationship on campus is not being true to himself.

To be honest, most of what we have heard about relationship are unfounded. Nobody will love you for who you are when you don’t have “teku”. That’s just the truth.

Even the independent ladies who don’t want your money will want someone who’s settled in their life. For them, finding a partner is about finding someone who fits into their lifestyle and plans for the future. That includes things that cost money.

Below are the reasons why broke guys on campus should forget dating for now.

1. You are not ready for it:

You may want it but honestly, you don’t need it. You need to be thinking of a master plan. You need to re-prioritize your life and get busy with something.

Anybody who is having some major financial struggles needs to be focused on
getting that together, not dating. get your act together THEN date.

2. Your Ego will be Bruised :

Money does matter in our society, way too much. A person’s ability to eat and look good and get medicine in time of need and take care of your woman are the things that makes one a man.

Think about it, she called you on phone and asked for money and you gave her the same answer. “I no get”. Then you found out much later that she somehow got the money.

You ask and was told that she got it from another guy. Your heart is darned if he is one of her admirers that you are aware of.

3. It is a Distraction :

A broke guy needs all the time in the world alone to sort out things and having a woman who will add some few loads to his already bent shoulder will do him no good.

Don’t tell me he needs a woman’s support because a good
female friend supports one more than his girlfriend. You don’t need that extra

4. You will be Cheated:

On You read me right. Girls have the habit of getting bored of things quickly, this is due to who they are, which is coupled with the pressures of society.

Society always wants them to get the newest and latest thing, so one day she will get tired of hoping and waiting and accept that guy who has been disturbing her.

She may not tell you about it because she wouldn’t want to hurt you so you end up being cheated on.

5. You will be Friendszoned :

She likes you but cannot continue to date you because you cannot take care of her needs. So she would friendzone you in other not to lose you completely.

At least there is something you are good at and she will keep your friendship
because of that. Women are smart walahi

6. She won’t feel Loved:

Since traditionally men are the ones that pay for dates, it is impossible then to prove your love when there is no teku. How can you surprise her? How can you take her out on a date or buy her gifts? How can you say you love her
when she cannot rely on you when she is broke?

7. You will be dumped:

Not because she doesn’t love you but because You are not the right material for a woman who has marriage and raising a family on her agenda.

You may be lucky to get someone who will stand by you but a goal without a deadline is just a dream. She will eventually get tired of hoping and give up.

Your Bottom will be dumped. Sorry!…. I know that all people deserve to be loved no matter who or what they are but money is very important in every relationship so I think a man that cannot afford to date needs to wait.

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