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6 Signs to Know he’s not In love with you


A healthy relationship is the one devoid of problems. The early stages of every relationship looks very appetising, this is normally because the parties involved do not know the hidden characters of one another very well.

A successful relationship is the one which has lasted for long and the partners have been able to deal with problems, survived loggerheads and at least smile to each other afterwards.

We have gathered six signs that shows your boyfriend is just not in love with you.

1. He tells you or somehow suggest you need to dress better or lose weight because you are too fat. These are two very sensitive issues to most women and if a guy is trying to change you at all, he is not for you.

Note this, You should be proud of who you are and love yourself as you are. Indeed, there are always going to be things we want to work on but you shouldn’t feel pressured by the man you think loves you to make changes.
He should be supporting and loving you as you are.
Think about this one long and hard and take action.

2. He chooses to go out with other people more than you. He either wants to be with you or he doesn’t. And if he is picking his friends over you all the time, that’s got to tell you something. Just take an action.

A man that loves a woman, wants to spend time with her, no excuses !.

3. Conversations are like pulling teeth. It’s all about want and attitude here. If a man loves you, he is going to do whatever it takes to ensure you feel comfortable and yes, you are naturally going to have those weird moments of awkward silence, but they should be few and far in between.

4. They are cheating on you.


If he cheats on you and tells you he loves you, he is full of crap. Cheating has never been and will never be in the equation of love.

You know what you need to do if this is the case. Period

5. Every time you want to chat with him about relationship issues, it winds up in a ginormous fight. This is another decoy move to try and place the guilt on you. Don’t let him get away with it.

FACT – relationships are hard work and if you aren’t willing to sit down and discuss issues on a routine basis, without major knock-out fights, then the issue is much bigger than normal conflict.

A guy that just wants to fight with you, doesn’t love you, Period !.

6. It seems like he’s picking fights over the silliest things and for no valid and vivid reason. This will take a toll on the quality of your relationship as a whole.

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