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What you didn’t Know about Theatre Arts

Theatre Arts

I’m sure you’ve probably been thinking that studying theatre arts means all you do is to sing, dance and act and that ends it all right? I’m also sure you may have come across the term DONDOLOGY too right?

And you do believe all the rumors of theatre arts being for dumb students right?
Well today I’m here to clear the airwaves and to tell you about the silent impact theatre arts has been making in our world with its theatre for development model or applied theatre as some would call it.
As part of the courses studied at the department of theatre arts in the University of Ghana, is theatre for development.

This is a final year peculiar course model in theatre arts which exposes students to developmental issues within their immediate surroundings and across the continent, encourages them to undertake research on issues challenging communities and develop concepts for projects which will be undertaken in the selected communities.

The ultimate aim at the end of the day is to promote development using theatre as a tool.
Over the years, we have had theatre for development students stage projects in communities across the country and there is no doubt the huge impact these projects have had on the lives of people in these communities.

This year as part of his final year project, Ewura Adams Karim, a theatre for development student of the University of Ghana and a onetime SRC Presidential candidate is embarking on what he terms, a social impact adventure to the north to tour and to heal. His project is dubbed Health and Tourism which aims at using tourism as a tool to make an impact in the lives of people living in and around communities that tourist visit often. During an interview with him, he mentioned that he wants to use the project as a medium to promote quality healthcare delivery, promote volunteerism as well as use creative ways to solve society’s most pressing needs.

The project will have participants visit about ten tourist sites in the Northern part of the country as well serve as volunteers to stage a free health screening for one thousand women in the East Gonja Municipal on Breast cancer, diabetes, blood pressure, malaria, HIV/AIDS and hepatitis B.

Participants will be required to pay a subsidized amount of GH¢ 500 and GH¢ 700 for students and Non-students respectively to cover for transportation, accommodation, feeding, souvenirs, tourist site entry fee and a certificate.

The project which is scheduled for November will kick start on 1st November, 2018 to 4th November, 2018. Interested participant are required to register by 28th October, 2018. The project Coordinator can be reached on 0240469641 or via email maltitifoundation18@gmail.com

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