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Ghana Armed Forces Body Selection : All You Need To Know


You may have the desire or the passion to serve your country with your life. I mean being in the nation’s top security institutions like the army, the police service or the fire service. You might have heard of criteria used in recruiting potential servicemen and women but aren’t so sure whether you fall in or you fall out.

This article would like to narrow it down to the body selection process employed by the Ghana Armed Forces. Here, you will be exposed to the major entry requirement the Ghana Armed Forces uses to recruit members, which is body selection. It is one of the major procedures during the recruitment process.

There are actually two phases for applicants before one can be accepted as a recruit in the Ghana Armed Forces. There’s the documentation stage, where one has to fill forms with certificates and other relevant details.

If you successfully make it through this stage, you get called for the body inspection and proceed to get the items on the prospectus. You may have the passion and the desire to join, but certain body features disqualify one from becoming a part of the army.

Major points for inspection include body tattoos, flat foot, varicose veins, excessively built bodies and double or more ear piercings for females including other factors. Each factor lies behind it medical reasons that support why individuals who fall as defaulters shouldn’t be recruited.

The medical reasons behind these key areas are explained in the continuation of this article.

Below are the Ghana Armed Forces body selection tips to master before applying:

Multiple Body piercings

People who have multiple piercings in the ear lobes, lips, eyebrows or any other possible areas don’t qualify to be in the military. This is simply because most of the activities performed in the military during training and drills are rigorous, and having such projections on your body can injure you severely or any other person that comes in contact with it roughly.


Inks used for tattoos are capable of causing allergic skin reactions. They can cause the body to leave rashes that are often itchy around the areas of the tattoo or even your whole body. For this reason, the Ghana Armed Forces deny applicants with body tattoos the opportunity to be recruited as servicemen and women.

Flat Feet

It is believed that arch supports weight, thus, people whose feet have a little arched space underneath can stand for a long time and walk for a long distance than those with flat feet. Flat feet can also cause knee and ankle problems and can alter the alignment of one’s legs. For this reason, applicants with flat feet are disqualified by the Ghana Armed Forces.

Varicose Veins

A varicose vein is a pathological condition where a vein becomes abnormally swollen or dilated and excessively filled with blood. It is often identified with a red or a blue-purple colour. It is quite painful especially after performing an exhausting activity which we believe the army is entirely about exhausting activities. Applicants with this medical condition are disqualified by the Ghanaian military institutions.

Excessively Built Bodies

It is quite clear that a huge body often lacks speed and flexibility. People who excessively build their bodies through workouts or weight lifting are prone to dizziness, restlessness, flushed skin and may have an unusual increase in the rate of their heartbeats and many other possible problems. Out of these factors, people don’t get picked for military work.

There may be other possible factors that body selections are based on, but these are the few and major ones that the Ghana Armed Forces use.

There are some of them that can be altered before you apply, but some you don’t really get to choose. That shouldn’t discourage you from serving your country. You can pick another avenue other than the military to serve this dear nation.


This article highlighted all you needed to know about Ghana Armed Forces body selection.

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