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NSS Special Posting 2022/2023 – All You Need To Know Before You Make A Move

NSS Special Posting

The National Service Special Posting -NSS Special Posting is when prospective service Personnel who were not successful with placement to entities of their choice are lured by certain unscrupulous individuals to pay an amount of money to be posted to their place of choice. At least, this is the widely known definition.

However, this may not be entirely true. Maybe the understanding of this supposed special posting has been misinterpreted.

Ideally, NSS Special Posting should have been;

  • Having the consent of your preferred organization that you want to be placed there.
  • Allowing the HR department to submit your NSS registration details to the National Service Secretariat to be posted to their organization directly.

This should have been the right definition of NSS Special Posting if it’s recognized.

NSS Special Posting would have not been bad considering its process – it would have been easy and stress-free for prospective service personnel to get posted to the organization of their choice. Because of the selfish gains of these unscrupulous people, the purpose of this NSS Special Posting has been defeated.

Before anything else, if you are finding it difficult to check your posting, our detailed guide on how to check NSS Posting will help you.


Is It Still worth doing NSS Special Posting?

It is still worth going for NSS Special Posting but must be premised on these conditions;

1. You are not paying a huge amount of money for the special posting. NSS even advises prospective personnel never to pay money to anyone for that purpose. You do that at your own risk.

2. Be sure that you have the consent of the organization you want to be placed there before you make any attempt for a special posting. Your chances of getting your documents endorsed are minimal because your organization of choice may have finished endorsing those that they want in their organization.

In all of the above, prospective national service Personnel are strictly advised to remember that NSS Management does not indulge in posting agent services and is not responsible for any acts of defrauding.

The NSS in a release on its official website said prospective national service personnel that posting of service personnel does not attract any fee.

Management thus admonishes prospective nurses service personnel to, whenever approached, report such persons to the nearest Police Station or send the details of such unscrupulous persons to the Executive Director (Ag.) of the NSS, in person or via email: info@nss.gov.gh.

Because of its prevalent nature, management of the scheme has also notified the security agencies of the actions of these unscrupulous individuals and would deal with anybody caught engaging in such illegal activity in compliance with the law.

The objectives of the National Service Scheme are to:

1. Encourage the spirit of national service among ALL segments of Ghanaian society in the effort of nation-building through active participation.

2. Undertake projects designed to combat hunger, illiteracy, disease and unemployment in Ghana.

3. Help provide essential services and amenities, particularly in towns and villages of the rural areas of Ghana.

4. Develop skilled manpower through practical training.

5. Promote national unity and strengthen the bonds of common citizenship among Ghanaians.

The Act mandates the Scheme to mobilize and deploy “any person to whom the Scheme applies to be engaged, full time, in any of the following fields”:
a. Agriculture
b. Co-operatives
c. Education
d. Health
e. Local Government
f. Military
g. Rural Development, including surveying, physical planning, civil engineering and rural industries
h. Youth programs
i. Any other field that the Board may prescribe from time to time.
Any such person shall comply with the directions of the Board.

Final Words on NSS Special Posting

As we have indicated in this detailed post, make sure you don’t get lured by any unscrupulous person because you are so eager to be posted to your place of choice. Seek the consent of the organization of choice- be sure that they will accept you when you are placed there before you make any attempt for Special Posting. All the best in your service to the nation.

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