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NSS Posting 2022/2023 | How To Check NSS Posting – portal.nss.gov.gh


National Service Scheme, NSS Posting 2022/2023 – How to check National Service Posting status – posting.nss.gov.gh

Management of the National Service Scheme has released the list of successful applicants who registered to be posted to various institutions for their mandatory one-year national service.

The National Service programme is a compulsory one-year service required of all citizens of Ghana who are 18 years and above, at the time of deployment.

The Scheme which started in 1973 now operates under Act 426 (of 1980).

The objectives of the National Service Scheme are to:

1. Encourage the spirit of national service among ALL segments of Ghanaian society in the effort of nation-building through active participation.

2. Undertake projects designed to combat hunger, illiteracy, disease and unemployment in Ghana.

3. Help provide essential services and amenities, particularly in towns and villages of the rural areas of Ghana.

4. Develop skilled manpower through practical training.

5. Promote national unity and strengthen the bonds of common citizenship among Ghanaians.

The Act mandates the Scheme to mobilise and deploy “any person to whom the Scheme applies to be engaged, full time, in any of the following fields”:
a. Agriculture
b. Co-operatives
c. Education
d. Health
e. Local Government
f. Military
g. Rural Development, including surveying, physical planning, civil engineering and rural industries
h. Youth programmes
i. Any other field that the Board may prescribe from time to time.
Any such person shall comply with the directions of the Board.

Who qualifies for National Service in Ghana?

Every Ghanaian youth who attains eighteen years and above , is qualified to undertake national service, however, eligibility is presently limited to only young Ghanaians who are eighteen years and above at the time of completing or obtaining their first tertiary education degree or diploma.

Can you do national service twice in ghana

The National Service programme is a compulsory one-year service required of all citizens of Ghana who are 18 years and above, at the time of deployment.

However, we know of instances where people have done it twice. But the side effect is that you may issue with your allowance.

Current national service allowance in ghana

The current National Service allowance in Ghana is Gh¢ 559 as at the time of writing this post.

Duration of national service in ghana

The duration of national service in Ghana is one year. The service normally commences in September and ends in July of the next year and service personnel have their rest month in August.

Is it compulsory to do national service in Ghana

Yes. It’s compulsory to do national service in Ghana. The laws of Ghana permit Ghanaians who are above 18 years at the time of the deployment to do their service.

Before we move to the postings procedure, you may check our article on the best places you can do your national service in Ghana.

Is NSS 2022 Posting out?

The NSS postings for the 2022/2023 academic year have been released by the National Service Secretariat.

NSS Posting Procedure


Below is the NSS Posting Procedure prospective service personnel should know.

The National Service as a well-coordinated body uses the following procedure to post fresh graduates to various organizations.

1. The secretariat release the pin codes of all eligible final year students in accredited tertiary institution in the country to enable them to register for their mandatory service.

2. Prospective service personnel access their pin codes by visiting NSS official website www.nss.gov.gh. Personnel is expected to access the pin code with the respective Index numbers and Date of Birth.

3. Personnel are expected to proceed to any Agricultural Development Bank (ADB) branch throughout the country to make a payment of Gh¢40 to activate their pin codes. Kindly note that this is a confirmation of your preparedness for National Service for that academic year.

4. Once your pin code is activated, you are expected to log in to the NSS portal and fill out every necessary form you are supposed to fill out.

5. NSS releases the postings for all registered service personnel. While waiting for your user agency form which is normally released days after posting, personnel can use the opportunity to know about the organization they have been posted to. You can check accommodation and basic things that will be needed for a successful service.

6. NSS releases the acceptance form which is sent to the organization of placement for endorsement with an official stamp by the head of the organization or the Human Resource Management. Personnel is advised to report to their organization as soon as practicable to ascertain whether they will be accepted or not. This will help to know the next line of action.

If you are endorsed by the organization, take the form to the NSS Zonal Office within Municipality to complete the final registration process for your Regional Acceptance Number (RAN).

If for some reason(s) you are declined by the organization you have been posted to, the Human Resource Department of the organization will give a letter stating why they are not accepting you to be sent to the NSS office for reposting.

7. Once you have your form endorsed by the user agency, visit the NSS page again to book an appointment for your regional validation and acceptance. For regions like Greater Accra and Greater Kumasi have decentralized their offices so personnel is encouraged to go to the zonal office.

8. For every month, you will need to download your monthly evaluation form to be filled by the user agency and submitted to NSS Zonal Office for your monthly allowance to be processed. Failure to do this will delay your allowance for months.

9. Once you are done with your National Service, an assessment form commented on and signed by you will be forwarded to the Regional Coordinator for you to be issued a Certificate of National Service.

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How to check NSS Posting 2022 – portal.nss.gov.gh/check-Posting


To Check your NSS Posting List Status, follow the leads below to access the list;

1. Go to the National Service Posting List Portal via https://portal.nss.gov.gh/check-Posting

2. Enter your NSS Number (e.g. NSSGCC100105) in the required box

3. Finally, Click on the Submit button and wait for the pop-up window to open with your Posting Information.

Congrats to all successfully posted candidates.

If you have difficulties checking your NSS Posting List Information, Kindly drop your NSS No. on the comment box and we can help you check your Posting List Information.

If you are looking for the best place to do National Service In Ghana, you may read our detailed guide.

Procedure on How to do NSS reposting without stress

If you are interested in changing your postings to a different organization, Follow the steps outlined below.

Step 1: Get a letter from your desired organization

The national service person is required to get a released letter from an organization they desire to do their one-year compulsory service there. For example, if you want to do your service at GCB, KNUST Branch, you are required to get a release from GCB BANK specifying that they want to work with you for the service period.

Alternatively, NSS Personnel rejected at a USER agency may be given a letter by the rejected Agency to be given to NSS for reposting. Example Such letters are somethings addressed as NO VACANCY, PLEASE GO FOR REPOSTING.

Steps 2: Rejected/released National Service Personnel should go back to NSS Regional Secretariat to begin the process.

Rejected personnel are to go to the NSS Regional Secretariat in their area to begin the process after receiving the released letter from the desired organization.

Steps 3: Collection of User agency released letter and NSS Number

Rejected personnel are to go to the NSS Regional Secretariat in their area to begin the process after receiving the released letter from the desired organization.

Steps 4: Service Personnel will receive SMS on the Reposting

Service personnel is required to check their dashboard for a change of their posting. You may receive an SMS shortly indicating your new posting.

What do you do after NSS Posting?

Below are what you have to do right after NSS has released the postings;

  • Change Your NSS Dashboard Password.
  • Wait For Placement (Postings) To Be Released And Check National Service, NSS Postings.
  • Print Your National Service, NSS Appointment Letter.
  • Send The Appointment Letter To Your Posted Institution For Endorsement.
  • Schedule Appointment For Regional Validation And Acceptance.
  • Go to Regional Office for Biometric registration.
  • Provide means of payment
  • Print, endorse and submit Monthly evaluation form
  • Print, endorse and submit your end of the year evaluation form
  • Request for NSS Certificate

Which Month does National Service Start In Ghana?

The mandatory 1-year National Service starts in September and officially ends in July ending, while service personnel has the month of August as their leave month.

However if for any reason, personnel leave for maternity leave, for instance, she is expected to report and serve for the months she left.

Can a Nigerian do National Service in Ghana: Who is qualified and eligible to do National Service?

Every Ghanaian youth who attains eighteen years and above is qualified to undertake national service, however, eligibility is presently limited to only young Ghanaians who are eighteen years and above at the time of completing or obtaining their first tertiary education degree or diploma.

So a Nigerian cannot National service in Ghana.

NSS Allowance

National Service Personnel are advised to print, fill and submit their monthly evaluation form endorsed by the user organization to their zonal office for their NSS allowance to be processed.

Due to various factors in the placement process, the service does not have uniform pay. As a result, some service personnel earns more than others, especially those in corporate and non-governmental organizations (NGOs). Fortunately, NSS harmonized the payments across different members four years ago by increasing the basic allowance.

So, how much is the NSS allowance as of the current year? Since 2017, the basic NSS allowance has been GH¢559.04. The ministry increased the amount from GH¢350.00. At the end of the service, each member earns a gross income of GH¢ 6,700.

Like other constitutional organizations in Ghana, there are deductions. For example, the NSS deducts GH¢ 15 from the gross income to fund the NASPA (National Service Personnel Association) week celebration.

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