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All You Need To Know About Vhee World Foundation


Vhee World Foundation is a registered, funding/non-profit charity organisation that was established in 2015 by an ambitious young lady, Ms. Violet Lawson at age 19.

The primary objective that birthed the foundation and which has been the core focus since its inception is to help the less privileged in the society, especially individuals who find themselves in the streets.

It is from the foregoing that the foundation’s motto reads, “Streetism Should Not Be an Option”.

As happy as one could be

The foundation has in its five year existence, strived to tackle streetism, poverty and negligence in very touching ways through projects that directly target and reach those in dire need of such and such social support.

It is the foundation’s greatest hope that its activities will contribute a good measure of quota to the national and global goal of eliminating streetism or at least reduce the phenomenon drastically.

One of the beliefs of Vhee World Foundation is that children and the youth constitute the most important human resource potential and can contribute significantly to the overall development of our nation.

The CEO, Ms Violet in a selfie shot with some kids

Against the backdrop that the idea of children on the streets violates the Children’s Act which states that “under no circumstance should a person below the age of 15 be allowed to work or fend for him or herself,” the foundation has been and still committed to this very important cause of lifting these children from the streets and giving them a chance to a better life – one in which they can contribute significantly to the development of our country.

Extreme deprivation and social exclusion obviously creates opportunities for engaging in crime and this has led to many children ending up in juvenile homes and youths, correctional centres and although some of the foundation’s projects have reached such places, the focus, as stated early on, is to tackle the menace from its roots, hence the streets.


Vhee World Foundation has a membership of ten (10) very commited and enthusiastic individuals who take up various roles within the organisation. They are:

1. Violet Lawson – CEO / Organising  manager

2. Sarah Hammond – Secretary / Medical in- charge

3. Mawusi – Assistant medical in-charge

4. Emmanuella – Treasurer / financial manager

5. Stephan Adjei –  Transportation / Media manager

6. Henrietta Adu – Assistant Transportation/ Media manager

7. Sylvester Adotey  – Marketing manager

8. Portia Ayikwei – Research manager a/ Prayer secretary

9. Joseph Darko – Social media manger

10. Harriet  Awuah – Assistant marketing manager.

Annually however, there are volunteers from around the capital city and beyond who partake in the foundation’s visitation and donation projects.

Some members of the team during one of their humanitarian undertakings
Some volunteers of Vhee World Foundation in Russia


The foundation has since 2017 undertaken a number of humanitarian projects across several streets and institutions in Accra and beyond.

The objective has always been to put smiles on the faces of the less privileged and to ultimately help in the global fight against streetism. We take a look at these projects.

The “Hand from the Heart Project”

On July 22, 2017, Vhee World Foundation undertook a project themed ‘Hand from the Heart” on the streets of Accra Central.

During this undertaking, the team handed out food items to the less privileged, an act that brought smiles amidst tears to the faces of the many beneficiaries.

Good food was indeed one of the many things they had and continue to long for. Kudos to the team!

The “We Came Back For You” Project

With the highest conviction to do more for the streets, on July 24, 2018, the foundation in collaboration with the “Young At Heart Foundation”, visited Anumle Basic School around Achimota in Accra for a yet another humanitarian undertaking.

Here, the team gave the school some study materials and shared some inspiration with the pupils. They engaged the children in some handcraft where they built homelike structures per their imagination, on how they perceived their dream homes in the future as well as made them use an app called ‘ANANSE THE TEACHER’ in reading and telling some anase tales.The foundation also gave out some money for the renovation of some classrooms. The team then hit the surrounding streets to give out some food items as has been their traits.

Team members with some of the teaching staff at the school
The CEO, Ms Violet in a selfie shot with some children at the school
Joint team from Vhee World foundation and Young at Heart Foundations during the Anumle Project
Team members from Vhee World Foundation and Young at Heart Foundations at Anumle

The “Stay Safe and Pad Up” Project

Again, on 10th August, 2019,  the team visited several homes in the Moree Arhiado town of the Central Region of Ghana. Dubbed ‘Stay Safe  and Pad Up,’ the objective of this project, which was overly achieved, was to educate the indigenes on the need to strive to live a healthy sexual life as well as the importance of practicing female menstrual hygiene and personal hygiene on a whole.

This proved to be very beneficial as residents of the visited homes were filled with gratitude to the team for such enlightenment. Indeed they had learnt something new and of course, very important.

They promised to live by what they have learnt in order to foster a general healthy living in the town. The team gave out sanitary pads and condoms to the indigenes.

The team interacting with some of the residents

The “WeDey4You” Project

The 2020 project dubbed ‘WeDey4You’ was a ‘double banger;’ a dual donation project as such. The foundation on 12th December, 2020 visited the Swedru Boys Correctional Center and the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital, all in the Central  Region to donate various items to our brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers in the two institutions.

At the Swedru Boys Correctional Center, the team donated items ranging from student mattresses, bedsheets, pillows, pails, sponges and slippers to male clothes, amongst others. At the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital, the foundation gave out items ranging from sanitary pads, box of sachet milo, milk, sugar to female clothes, male clothes, just to mention a few.

Persons at both venues enjoyed words of encouragement from members of the team. The moments were very emotional but also beautiful.

Some of the items donated to the two institutions
The team on arrival at the Ankaful Psychiatric Hospital
An emotional moment at the Swedru Boys Correctional Center


Vhee World Foundation remains committed to its core mandate and even beyond that. It seeks to really do more in the future than has been already done.

The group of young, determined fellows thus invite donations in kind and cash from the general public for the success of subsequent projects.

You can reach the team via Vheeworld@gmail.com or via phone on 0209334967

Please visit @vheeworldfoundation on facebook for more.